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Double Latte Books – Self Published Books. We write books with straight truth with a spiritual spin. We are a double dose of milk for the spirit, soul, and mind. We are Ramon McGee and Janie McGee; a husband and wife team with more than 20 years of writing, and 34 years of art experience. We have two divisions of our book line : Ministry  books and Secular books. Those division are : Coffee with God and Coffee with You! Our site showcases the McGee family’s books, journals, and our creative studios! Our books can be purchased on Amazon from our site.

We try to write books that are straight from the heart, soul, and spirit. We try to keep it as real as possible. many years ago we saw a need for books that spoke to the need of those  Blacks in urban and suburban American. The mainstream Christian books store do not allows carry books that are made for those community. The  Christian publishing companies do not always carry books that reflect  the need of diversity.  We write books that anyone can read with an open mind to learn. Our faith in Jesus Christ  in the center of all we do. We are not a Christian publisher… we are Christians that publish books and art.

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Our Books On Amazon~

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