The Art of writing books! Double Latte Books self publishes titles by Ramon and Janie McGee. Ramon McGee and Janie McGee; a husband and wife team with more than 20 years of writing, and 32 years of art experience.  Double Latte Books  self published new titles every few months and new art from our studio. The site showcases the McGee Family and their creative studios! www.doublelattebooks.com
Other Website for Art: Raspberry Mills Studio – www.janiemcgee.com

Over the last 35 years as an artist my artwork is in the home of collectors and every day folks. I wanted to provide a site that would make Black art and books affordable. I create paintings, drawings, and illustrations of Black history. You will find unique self published books, art, and journals from my studio. Our books can be purchased on Amazon. Contact me to buy artwork, exhibits, or to order large quantities for churches, bookstores, or consignment. Enjoy!


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    • Hi
      I have been writing for 37 years. I tried very hard to get published. I have co authored books but it is very hard. So we self publish our books on amazon through http://www.createspace.com. Form your own publishing…. get a free account… upload your book on PDF on kindle and amazon. Total cost…about 10.00! You pay only for your proof! The royalties go in your account.. You are published. Then you can go to the trade market and get them reprint your book. Self Publish and market yourself. You have control! God bless! Janie


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