David Wilkerson..The Lord will fight for you

You are not alone!

This are times of great battles. This video will encourage you that God is with you. It is good to be reminded that you have help during the days we are facing. Be encourage and know you are not  alone. We… in the body of Christ are in this together, But more than that… heaven in fighting for you!


2 thoughts on “David Wilkerson..The Lord will fight for you

  1. How I miss Pastor David Wilkerson. I’m a South African and my Mom started listening and reading pastor’s letters and books. Her first book was The Vision 1973. I still have the book and keep it so safe. My parents died 2 years ago, 6 months after one another and I miss their way of teaching with the wisdom and knowledge from The Holy Spirit. There is so many times that I do not know what to do and I just turn on an audio of Pastor David Wilkerson and I find peace and the ‘what I need to do’ answer. I’m so thankful still for the ‘old’ way of preaching The Truth. 🙏


    • HI
      Thanks for writing. I am sorry to hear about your life. Pastor Wilkerson is one of my favorites! Check out all his sermons on Youtube. Also Lester Summerall and RW Schaumbach, and Pastor Okuloya and Pastor Ivory Hopkins. I will post his sermon today. Whatever God has for you pray and pursue it. The harvest is plentiful and we must reach the lost. Get revived and live out those things your parents had planned for you! Live inside and glorify God while you can. God gave you good parents and another day to finish what they started in you ! Reach for all God has in you and make wherever you are a dwelling place for God to use you no matter what gifts are in you! God bless! Janie


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