Spending Time.. Battles Over

autumn-breakfast-coffee-croissant-fall-leaf-favim-com-53399The season is changing. Fall is here. Life starts to quiet down in the fall after summer when the kids are back in school. It is also a time for changing season. Many believers have been in transition for the last few months and years.. Transitions can be hard when  you are shifting from  chaos to the a break in the battle for peace in your life.  It seems as if God is getting us all ready for something great in being a part of the body of Christ. I would encourage you to pray for the new destiny and vision God has for you as, you come out of your trials. Let God show you his will for your life with a fresh insight to what  his will is for this season of your life. Do not assume to know what is coming into your life, but spend time in prayer and gel refreshed in your walk and vision in this season. You may have just come through something very difficult and feel overwhelmed. You may have been  in the battle for your life. The battles has ended. God won for you. The question is now what?

starbucks_mainI have learned over the years to strain everything I can out of my trials. After I come through my trials,  I try get insights and pray for wisdom so I land in different place in my life. I land in a place in my spirit  stronger,  hopeful, and more humbled.  I pray for wisdom after every trial to use what I have gone through to help others, glorify God, and use  my gift for his Kingdom. I try not to waste my trials.  By that I mean, to go through a  trial and come out the same as I was when I went in…is a wasted trial. The trials of life grow and change us. God uses them to grow  and mature us for his will. On the other side of trials is the growth and maturing. Therefore as we come through this season of transition and trials… it time to put it in perspective. Spend some quiet time with God and let him show you what he has for you now that you are coming out of a storm. Let him navigate you to the new shores of your life. Let him help you rest, reflect, and revive your sprit for his glory. This fall take some time to put the last few months or year in perspective  for the harvest God has for you just ahead. May your new vision and destiny glorify his will in your life!



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Janie McGee



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