Prayer for Stability for Child

This prayer is from our new book “Prayer for Single Black Moms”

Prayer Changes Things!

_Mother_and_daughter_with_homework_page-bg_16154“The Lord is your keeper; the LORD is your shade on your right hand.The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.  The LORD will keep you from all evil he will keep your life.” Psalm 121: 5-7

       Children Stability

God Who Is Near, You are so faithful in keeping those that belong to you.  Father in heaven your kingdom is stable. I am a part of your kingdom as your child, but I live an unstable world. You never change in your grace and mercy. You are steadfast and unmovable in all your ways. Lord I depend on you. My children need stability to grow up in a household build on faith. Remove every unstable obstacle in their path.  Provide them with a secure home. Provide me with the income I need to take care of them. Help me to raise them in stability. Work through me Lord. I pray you provide safe neighborhood, schools, churches, and playground for me kids. Enrich their lives to have a childhood that is healthy, fun, and exciting. Lord if any way my child has to be an adult before their times because of our circumstance, restore their childhood back to them. Father God make them stable from the inside out through salvation. Any insecurities, fears, anxiety, rejection, and disappointments that would mold them into become an unstable child, remove it and heal them Lord in Jesus name. Give them a sense of security that comes from knowing you. Heal them of any issue concerning their father that can grow up stable. It has been hard co-parent with them in two household, but I know you never put more on us that we can bear. Intervene with a strong sense of them knowing whom they are on you, that they are loved and protected. I thank You God for the stability my children have. I bind up any spirits of division, instability, and confusement that would attack them. Make them whole in you! I thank Jesus for the cross that you are their stability and savior in you in Jesus name.

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