Prayer for House


Only Jesus has the power in his name to deliver! This prayer is from our prayer books to give you start on what to pray if your house is experience demonic activity. The Holy Spirit will give you the rest.  Pleas note that if you are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit  you have all power because you are at one with God through Christ Jesus. I would not suggest praying this prayer if you don’t have a walk with God. In him and him alone we have all power through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Demonic/Possessed House

(I suggest reading this prayer aloud, stay prayed up, and have some anointing oil on hand)

This house belongs to you Lord. I come in the name of the Lord in Jesus’ name! Everywhere I put my feet is holy ground Lord. I stand in the name of Jesus, in the blood of the Lamb against every force of darkness occupying this house. No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper and the gates of hell will not prevail against me. I loose your angels with swords of fire around me and my home and my children right now in Jesus’ name.

I come up against every force of darkness spoken and unspoken that has dwelt in this house to leave. I bind you. I rebuke you. I cast you to the desert and dry places now in Jesus’ name never to return. I place walls of Holy Ghost fire around my home, my family, and my living space now in Jesus’ name. Every person that has dragged in and left spirits here, I bind you evil spirits and cast you evil spirits out boldly in the name of Jesus.

Every spirit that has come through immoral lifestyles, I bind you. Every spirit that has come through generational curses I break your power 20+ generations and more back off of my house and family in Jesus’ name. I bind every spirit that has attacked my family: torment, fear, nightmares, poltergeist, new age, and seducing spirits, the spirit of hate, spirit of religion, spirit of deception, violence, and familiar spirits. I cast you to the desert and dry places in Jesus’ name!

Lord, right now I ask you to bless this house, fill it with your presence now in Jesus’ name. God make this house a holy dwelling place for your presence, reign in this house now God, Jesus be Lord over this home. Come now lord and sweep through here with your glory and presence. May the fire of the Holy Ghost come now and set this house ablaze with the presence of God in Jesus’ name. Place a wall of protective fire around my home!

Right now Lord, come and blow like a wind in this place Lord and make your abode. Fill this house permanently with your glory, your presence, your word, and your spirit. God I seek your face now that every ungodly, destructive thing spoken and unspoken against our home will be destroyed and cast off by your mighty power.

Keep away always every evil person or thing that would try to come back that you don’t want to come back into our home. All activity at night that has been demonic will stop right now in Jesus’ name. I plead the blood over this home that the nights will be peaceful and our sleep will be peaceful and blessed in your name Lord Jesus.

I thank you God for filling my home. No terror shall come nigh my house. All destructive, harassing, and hindering spirits are broken this day in my home in Jesus name. No more can evil just walk in here and declare itself. You Lord will stop it with your heavenly hosts. I dedicate and welcome you Lord over this home. I thank you now lord for delivering this house from evil, all evil in Jesus’ name. Peace be still! Thank you, I praise you and exalt you now Lord! By the blood of the Lamb! In Jesus name!

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