Prayers for Single Black Moms New Books

just pray july 11 2016 for sin.jpgfrontprayers july 7 2016 for single.jpgfront
Prayers for Black Single Black Moms

Two New Prayer  books for the Black Single Mom. The two new books are full prayers, teachings, and the voice of black women who inspire hope. “Just Pray” has prayers and teaching I wrote for the black Mom who just need a quick minute to pray, followed up with insight from the word of God.

“Prayers for Single Black Moms” was written  with inspiration by co- authors that share their heart on being a women and a mom. Great insights! Pray changes things!




Forward: Darcel Dillard Suite :

Teishya Collier:

Cheryl Sims:

Alisa Yvonne Mkinakar:

Juressa McBride:

Josephine Bradley :

Lisa Cliff:

Tracy Douglas- Humphrey :


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