The Best is Yet to Come

20130621fr-optical-illusion-guy-facing-turned-sideways-half-manThis truly is a time of preparation to get in place for your call and blessing. David in the bible was called but it wasn’t  until  he lost everything and had to get it back that he stepped in into his office as King. For some of us we have loss everything and are on the road to restoration. Being restored can mean the new thing not the old familiar thing. Expect the new!
Preparation can look like call.. but the difference is the finish work  in the heart toward God. Humility. David was told to pursue the enemy to get back everything that was stolen. Along the way he showed heart. Character worked in us by God moves us toward not just getting to the vision but humility and gratitude to keep what God gives us… for a life time. NO one could take away David’s crown as King.. no one will be able  to take away the blessings God will give you. God is  putting  you in place. You are  being prepared for your call… God is putting things in place for his work in you! Don’t look back.. everything he has for you in ahead. The best is yet to come. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage. JMcGee

Art by Janie McGee
Some Sundays

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