Fall…stand like tree

Fall…stand like a tree

And stand some more. ..
God has given us spiritual  authority.
Use it in your life for his glory.
It is like having  millions in the bank
And never spending it…
Use the gifts of the spirit and authority
He has given you
in your trials,  tribulation,  and battle.
You use weapon when your are a war…
Not of times of peace.
Standing is a  position of authority
When you stand  do something
Use the armor  you have.
Your fight is not human but spiritual
If you fight in the flesh..your going to get flesh back..if you fight in the spirit
You will get spiritual  victory  that will manifest in your natural life.
So stand and stand some more
Take authority over what is trying to
Take authority over you and your family.
Stand like tree
Stand in faith
Stand with an attitude  of perseverance
Stand with Jesus by your side
Stand in the Holy Spirit
Stand with understand  this has been taken to the cross with your  promise victory.
We will have  battles  all our lives
But as believers we are equipped  for victory.
Jesus made sure of that
There is power in his name
There is power in the cross
There is power in the blood.
Fight with authority of whose you are
Pray with authority  of his word and
A humble heart of thanks for God on your side.
What ever you are facing this month
Fight, pray, and stand in his name..
Speak his word and pray the promises
Worship with the expectations  of a breakthrough
Praise God  for the victory
Like tree lifting up in the wind
But standing
Bind the enemy’s army and
Stand against this darkness
With power in the name of Jesus.
You are a war…let the reality  kick in and stop being shocked you got attacked
You did
You and Jesus got this…
Take nothing  less than
His name being  glorified  in your  trial.
Weeping comes at night
But joy comes in the morning. ..
When all you can do is stand…
Stand some more!

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