Be Still…

Be still and know he is God
Sometime it is best to take time alone  and refocus  on God ‘s love  for you.
It is easy to get busy and get into
Survival mode in life. The vision,  dreams and purpose we have can   get lost  trying to survive.
Your  peace of mind can get lost
The  most Important purpose is
He knowing God for yourself through  Jesus  Christ and not living your  spiritual  life as business as usual.
It takes more than that.
Take time to  pray.
Take time to worship
Take time to say  thank  you
Take  time to read the word
Take time to listen
Take time to just love him
Because he is God all by himself
Take time to let him know
You are still  his
And he still is Lord over your life
Even if it is just 10 min…
Take the time to rest  in him
And be still in the Holy Spirit
He is always available
When we just take  the time
To get refreshed…

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