Believe…as believer that is our job to believe. Sometimes doubt wins over faith because we struggle with our faith. Faith is believing before we know it will come to pass. The first attack we can lauch against doubt is to go back over the basic in what we know and believe about God. He is faithful. He is a God of his word. He wants our hearts. It is not about things but about our walk with him. He is merciful. He has spared you in the greater pain that could have afflicted you. God can give you material thing for your trial but the greater gift is faith and a personal walk him. He is patient. He will not give up on you even when others do. He will wait on you to receive what you need in your anguish. He is steadfast. We all have a history with God and can reflect on the things he already has done. He will do it again. He is powerful and he has no respect of person. He is in the repeat business. What he will do for you he has already done for someone else .so there more to come for you and me. Believe …even in your doubt …believe in him..He is love. Uesus is the examle of his love. He answers prayers..There is no one higher in heaven then him…you are at his front door when you believe….he is always home. Heaven. What ever you are facing believe for God to move in you, for you, with you, and ahead of you.. Have faith in God.

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