Remember Respect?


I grew up watching David and Goliath TV show every Sunday morning. I enjoyed watching the TV show  sometimes more than I enjoyed Sunday School. The  show enforced  Godly values of respect, love, faith, honor, and caring for others to name a few. It was a simple pure lesson on being apart of God’s Kingdom and the reality of living in a pretty evil world. I can recall thinking about the morals lesson I learned for weeks.

250px-Moralorel_imageFast forward to the present and we have a spoof of the show  Moral Orel on Adult swim. It the twisted  evil twin to the David Goliath show. The show is based on the corrupt world of the  religion see through the eyes of a  abused child.  It is what we have come today in today culture. The impersonal, rude, self focus, political, money  hungry pop culture  modern church and believers. What ever happen to respect for one another and love?

Respect  was taught even in singing  the lines to  Aretha Franklin song. We learned to stand in line and like it. I have been in the store so many times and have people  very upsets if I look like it might take a while to check out. I have  had people put their items down and push close to me hoping that would speed up  my transaction. I have been tailgated thousand  of times because I drive the speed limit as a black women driving in a all white area. I have seen people throw water bottles as each other cars because they didn’t turn quick enough. I was  honked at a few weeks ago for stopping at stop sign! What has happen to respect?  Where do we go  from here?

151918__davey_lBehind  the computer people become  bully,  angry, rude, steal, and offend anyone that want with out feelings they  have done anything wrong. As Christian I  would hope  that love of God through Jesus set us apart, but I have seen the worst in believers! I had a Christian steal my art , put her name on it, sell her products, and call me the devil for asking her  to take it down. I was not offended by the use of my art as much as it was sued to hooked believers in to her fake life coach ministry and sell products for smaller waist. It was a modern day  Elmer Gantry.  Wolves fleecing the sheep!  This is the modern church. Being a believer in Jesus   Christ  should makes us want to do better, live better, and love and respect each other. We are  missing something in our walk with God. Where the real prophets who need to speak on this and not a seed harvest?

Respect mean caring about another person needs more than yours. We live in time of a selfish church age. It is all about getting what you need, getting paid, building business, networking, and getting your seed from the harvest. Every sermon I hear on Christian TV is about getting you more if you give to God. It should be about knowing him and Jesus in a personal way.

Watching the  TV reality show Preachers of LA, I see the last 20 years of the church brought to life in the show. I am not surprised at the gun totting pastor, affairs,riches, or twisting of the gospel. It is reality TV. Like it or not that is the reality in most church during our modern age. The need to be entertained and selfness dominate the need for a a real experience with God. And yet so many people are hurting. People line up at the books signing  looking for a prophet words from the Christian Celebrities.   That you get pass their body guard. Some believer call the psychic hotlines. Some even call the prophet hotlines that are just as tainted as the Psychic hotlines. Respect for God comes first. If that is lost then respect of each other will never resurface. It has even become a fad for people to refer to themselves as God. And yet they have not created anything…

It starts with each one of going back to what matters and showing respect.Respect God, Jesus, and the  Holy  Spirit first.  first. Take time  to love, be patient, sow kindness, and care about another person each day. Do not do it to get reward or seed offering return , but do it because of Christ in you. The world is watching and they are hurting. We have the power of the Holy Spirit in us to help the world. Use what you know and show respect and love for  others. I can’t change the world. I will never be perfect, but greater is he that is in me than he that is  the world! Love never fails. If I let  the disrespect that I have experience change me than it becomes  greater than Christ that lives in me. He is greater! I  am journey to try to love and be changed daily  by God,  not by the world around me. He is greater! Love never fails. Respect for each other is gift we can give to the world! Respect = love!

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