Prayer for Education

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge”.

Proverb 18:15


Gracious Lord, I desire to pursue my education to cultivate the gifts and talents you have placed in me. I know your power to move or make a way out of no way Lord. Father show me and guide me to the right college. Guide me to the right major. Make a way for the financial aid, scholarships, and funding to come forth. I need miracles on my behalf. Lord it is in my heart to learn more and improve my life with more education. I am thankful for all you have given me. Increase me to have all that you have planned for my life. Help me to get accepted in the college I need to attend. Let me find favor with the school counselors to get the classes I need. Make a way for this not to interfere with my family or lifestyle, but that I come forth in you.

Whatever it takes Lord make a way. I break the curse of lack of education and distractions that have lingered in my family line. I pray for the increase to come in my giftings and talents through you Lord. I believe by faith for the doors to open and the money to be provided as you said in your word that whatever I ask in your name you would do in Jesus’ name. Lord make a way for the burden of too much student loans to be broken and provide a debt free education if it is in your will.

Give me the study habits and focus to succeed in you in the right field. No matter how this may sound to anyone else, help me not to give in to the voices and pursuits of those around me who would try and encourage me not to attend college. I ask you to strengthen me to stay strong in my inner being and pursue the education I need that you will provide. I thank you Lord for the open doors. In Jesus’ name!


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