3 AM Gateways–Haunted Houses

The bible talks about gateway. In Turkey there is the seed of Pergamum known as a gateway to hell. There are said to be 12-13 gateways across the world that have portal. The Bermuda Triangle is an example of that also. Some houses I believe are portals. Portals are twisted coils that go into the heavens from earth that are portal from hell. The bible says the Satan is the prince of the air. The Devil, principalities, power, world-rulers, and spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly are the fivefold demonic that you are in battles with. They all have different parts to play in the evil destruction of the age. Whether you know which component you are fighting or not, you have the authority in what id dealing with you.

fortean_times_6232_7Dr Volker Kästner is a leading archeologist specializing in the city of Pergamon. He has worked at the Pergamon Museum since 1982 and has been heavily involved in its continuing restoration. For him, the idea that Pergamon is “where Satan’s seat is” can be explained: “Pergamon was seen by Byzantine sources as a particularly pagan place where unchristian cults thrived, and with some imagination the Altar could resemble a throne. Secondly, the Altar’s frieze encompasses many sculpted snakes, which since Antiquity have been viewed as a symbol connected to the underworld, representing something inhuman – but its all speculation. The Altar’s removal from the Ancient Greek city of Perg­amon (now Bergama, in modern-day Turkey) and its subsequent placement in Berlin had been a precursor to both of the 20th century’s world wars – and that its sinister influence will soon bring about the next. Satan would apparently bring about WWIII during the fallout of the current economic crisis. The Altar was rediscovered in the 1870s by German engineer Carl Humann, who at the time was working on road construction in Turkey. By September 1878, in exchange for 20,000 marks, the powers behind Berlin’s museums had been authorized by the Turkish State to begin their excavation of the Pergamon ruins under Humann’s direction.


I have heard Christians attacking spirits over cities with prayer. If you are called to deal with principalities over a city then God will equip you. If you are not called, you will be in battle that may be life and death.

We lived in a complex that was broken with material losses though it was a middle class neighbor. I watched people’s car get repossessed every day. I saw one of our neighbors for the last time. I watched her get in her car in almost slow motions and wave goodbye to me. I did not know her name, but I knew her son. Later the night her son knocked on the door. His mother was killed that morning in car accident just a short while after I saw her. I was the last person she saw that day. The losses in the complex were great on every level.

I believe that God is bigger that this spirit, but he had a particular person and way he was is going to deal with it. It was just not for me and my husband to fight it. It is important to know if you are to take the ground, leave it, or pray over it. The assumption that everything you encounter is a ground for battle is not accurate. It is important to hear from God. Pray about your battle. What is God’s will for you?

This word is included in Ephesians 6 as part of your stance. Don’t give up, but perseveres. Sometimes it is best to get spiritual refreshed and come back to fight when you are strong…but persevere! In the military we would go back to the barracks after playing war games for weeks to get refreshes, clean, fed, and strengthen. Then we would back to war games. On active duty in the military you are given a pass which is time off.

In the Ephesians 6:10-11 it says” Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.” This verse say to be strong. Are you strong right now? Think about it for a minute. Be strong in the Lord. “In the Lord” means to dwell and inhabit in him.

The strength we have in our selves will fail. We can do nothing without him. Abide in him. He will abide in you. Be strong in God to fight. Then it says in the verse to stand. That means to stand against the “schemes”. There are so many plots cooked up daily for us to fail as believers. They are schemes. The bible says stand again the schemes. I usually bind every scheme I see. What you see is what it is most of the time; a schemes against you.

The gifts work with perseverance. The gift of discernment will help you discern the schemes. The gift of prophecy can gave you prophetic insight of the schemes. The gift of faith with the gift of miracles gets you out of whatever schemes set against. We are gifted beautiful by God to use the weapons to fight so we can persevere.

No matter what is walking around in your home at 3 AM rebuke it, bind the schemes, stand against it, persevere, use the word, pray with power, cast it out, and take back your home!



10 Vile Vortices

1.Mohenjo Daro, site of the Rama Empir

2.The Devil’s Sea (Dragon’s Triangle)

3.Hamakulia, near Hawaii, high volcanic activity

4.The Bermuda Triangle

5.The Algerian megalithic ruins

6.The North Pole

7.The Zimbabwe Megaliths

8.Wharton Basin, Wallaby Fracture Zone

9.The edge of the Hebrides Trench Fiji Islands

10.Easter Island Colossi

11.The South Atlantic Anomaly

12The South Pole

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