Books on Kindle ! 99 cents

prayers in the storm march 15 2014 front

It took some pulling but I finally put together our books on Kindle. We are slowly moving toward eBook production.  ” I have had amazing feedback from women who have read the book “ Lord I Go To Church, But I Can’t Get a Man”. The response has been very hopeful. I am not the best writer but I feel like God has given me and Ramon  encouragement for  men, women who are looking for a mate, broken people, and a unchurched body of Christ. More books to come this fall!

Also Books Reduced  in Price!

Amazon Kindle Books Click Here

To get the book go to or Amazon type in Janie or Ramon McGee.

prayerbookman newest july 6 2014 front 2

Prayers for Black Men

Prayers for Black Women

The Tent and The Crossroad

3 AM : Why Am I Up?

How I Got Over – Short novel

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