Grace, A Conversation With God



This short but powerful film is a contemporary view of what God would say to a struggling Christian. There are many temptation that challenges us every day. I have seen so many fall away from God and walk straight into  the enemies arms. The word of God is power. There should be some  sense of power , hope, and love in our walk with God. Being backslidden has become a “grey” word among many believers.  Many think that it is okay with “I  do what I want  and sin as long as I  go to church, tithe, or pray every now  and then”. Walking with  God is more than that. When you really get to know him.. he is addictive. I try to write  straight truth and not every judge anyone for  whatever state they are in  their walk. We are all at different places on our journey of salvation. The word salvation mean to be recused.  We all must grow and mature in our own personal relationship with God. That mean  allowing God to grow us in Christ to learn his way and yield to that work in our lives so we can comfort , love, and share him  with others.  Only God know how to get us each at that place to be  whom we should be in Christ. It is an journey! I ran across this film and though it really speaks to having an honest talk with  God.. We are saved by his grace



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