The Moon? 3 AM




Lunatic-an insane person, daredevil: a reckless impetuous irresponsible person, insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon.

It has been documented over time that the moon has an effect upon the human psyche. The crime rate rises during a full moon. Hospitals experience higher death rates at 3 am during the full moon. Hospitals report, that on average, people tend to pass away at higher rates during the 3 am death hour. The effect of the moon on the water levels in humans’ bodies is similar to the oceans’ tidal cycle, influencing the human tidal cycle. The full moon has been linked to suicides, mental illness, death, disasters, accidents, birthrate spikes, fertility, and crime, among other things. Some people even buy and sell stocks according to phases of the moon. There are also reports that show an increase in people taking poison during full moons.

The moon may keep many people up at night. The full moon is significant in many pagan rituals as stated earlier. There are too many rituals related to the full moon and other non-Christian religions to list them all. The combination of the full moon and blood covenants has been around through the ages. It is remarkable how many religious practices imitate the blood of Jesus Christ. There are rituals that involve sacrifice, blood, full moons, and the dead hour to succeed in conjuring up power, spirits, and demonic forces.

There are some pagan religions whose followers faithfully fast and pray against Christian believers during the full moon to curse and create havoc in those Christians’ lives. Wiccans practice a belief system in the earth, nature, and the various goddesses. They utilize the full moon to increase the effectiveness of their spells and curses.

the_summit_cross-wallpaper-1600x900Satanists have several high masses that take place during the full moon. Holi is a festival celebrated by Hindus during a full moon in the winter. In May, the Buddhists celebrate during the full moon the birthdays of Bodhisattvas. There are spells, curses, blessings, money rituals, and fertility rituals done during the full moon.

You are not the only one up at 3 am. There is a lot to pray about and for. There have been many times I have been jolted out of sleep at 3 am. I have had the sensation of the house on fire and smelling smoke. I have awakened at the 3 am time paralyzed and fighting a demon.

I have awakened at that time running after something and chasing it out of the house. I have awakened with something standing over me. I have awakened praying in the spirit. I have awakened praying for our kids’ protection when they have been traveling around the world and I could not reach them. There is more torment going on in the early morning during a full moon than we can understand. But one thing we know for sure. 3 am is a time of prayer.

There is an event called “Syzygy” that refers to the alignment of three celestial objects. This occurs twice a month. It is when the sun, earth and full new moon align. When the earth and the moon are at their closest this is called Perigee. This happens once a month. When the earth and Sun are closest this is called Perihelion which happens once a year around January. The highest level of gravitation on the earth occurs when Syzygy and Perihelion happen at the same time.

There was a seismometer left on the moon by the Apollo crew that shows that moonquakes occur more frequently during the Perigee. It is believed that the moon can also trigger quakes on the earth based upon the moon’s influence upon earth’s gravitational field. Even the animals around us respond to these events. Studies have shown that cats and dogs go missing at higher levels before an earthquake. They seem to respond to the buildup of electromagnetic and gravitational forces that precede earthquakes, and try and flee these areas before those forces are released.

The Indonesia earthquake occurred during a full moon on December 26, 2004 at a 9.1 magnitude. The Alaska earthquake of March 27, 1964 occurred at a 9.1 magnitude during a full moon. The devastating earthquakes in Haiti on January 12, 2010 occurred during a full moon at a 7.1 magnitude. Also the Chile earthquake of February 27, 2010 occurred during a full moon at an 8.8 magnitude.

The universe God created interacts with itself. God is in control of these natural interactions and they are under His awesome power. The moon’s effect on the earth for millions of years has been in the hands of God. We can only look to him to understand why the loss of life or devastation has taken place in parts of the world. There are some who believe the HAARP a weather/earth atmosphere controlling system in Alaska has caused some of these events. Sometimes mankind’s will to secretly progress causes open despair. This same system was supposed have been used during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster. Only God knows what really happened.

The Bible speaks about the end of the age in which there would be more earthquakes in different places around the world. Jesus prophesied that we would see the weather and seasons change. Many of the events even in the universe are signs of the times, of a world coming to the end of times.

Many look to the 2012 predictions of the Aztecs and Mayans who followed the sun, the earth, and the stars. The 2012 date does not contend with the soul of mankind as far as what will happen in eternity. This doomsday date may only give a glimpse into the destruction on the earth but does not reveal the destiny of all mankind. Only God can do that. The Bible talks about the days to come in the Book of Revelation. There are prophecies in the Bible that speak about what is to come. The Bible however looks closely at the relationship mankind has with God through Jesus Christ. It does not look at the earth alone as coming to an end.

God is merciful and desires no man to perish. He created a way out: Jesus. He has the answers to the earth’s problems that deal with the heart of man and not just the earth and the universe. The Aztec and Mayan calendar books end at that date 2012, but that does not mean prophetically, that God is on the same day or time that they predicted. He is God all by himself. Only he knows when the day of man’s and earths final judgment will be.

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