The Egg Had Fear…. We Have Faith

Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.” Hebrews 10:38

Picture 3

We were kids we heard the Nursery Rhyme about Humpty-Dumpty many times. The real truth of the story was “ Why was that egg sitting on a wall, knowing if he fell it was over?”. I lived in a urban community and we question many things that made sense to the world around us but not to us. I always wonder why he was sitting on the wall? And the fact that his face in every picture always  was full of great fear and terror!

It appeared no one could reconstruct him after his fall. It was over! He was scrambled for life. But as I ponder this rhyme  more there is simple principle of life that we can see every day. We are sometimes on the wall sitting , knowing we will fall, but we have a greater faith that we will survive. We sometimes even expect others will help put us back together again… But we have God. Faith is the key to life. Whether we sit in the wall or fall off we have a greater hope of being restored by God. Jesus is able to put us back together beyond what the natural man can do.

We serves a supernatural God! as we look to him, he can restore us in life in way that people can not. God heals us and is complete in healing us spirit soul and body. WE can even get an answers on  why we were on the ”Wall” in the first place! We can get understating, hope, restoration, and peace in every trial we face. We have a walk of faith. Faith is simply believing God! It is believing the work of Jesus on the cross to provide all we need. It is simple faith that is  needed in the times we live in. You don’t have to give God a seed offering to get restored  or to be blessed. You are blessed just because you are his! The bible says faith comes by hearing the word of God. The word hearing is infinite in this passage which mean over and over again God reminds us “He Will” for us. We can get desperate  like Humpty looking for a deliverer…but we have one in Christ Jesus. We don’t have to  panic when we fall, but trust in him. He  has been restoring people for thousands of years…he knows how. You are not an unusual case…you’re his child!

Just believe him as a Father that will restore you and provide. It is not about material things, sometimes he just being restores inside. Humpty-Dumpty’s whole body crashed. Maybe you need need healing or comfort…go old school…. go back to the cross… cry to Jesus…. and believe! That all is takes in prayer in faith. Just believe. As you get through what ever trial you are facing …there  will be other trials…. And he will still put you back together again! Believe!

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