Prayer Books For Native Americas

44prayer2 native american womenfrontOver the years we have written Prayer Books for the Christian Communities that sometimes get over looked. We have written for Prayer books for Black Men and Black Women. We have written for women who are going through hard times and men who have going through hard times.  The newest books we have written are for the Native American Christian Community.  We prayed and really searched our hearts. After searching on the internet for modern prayer books for the Native American community we felt need to write the books for men and women to encourage their.  Our heritage is African American, Cherokee, Natchez, and Irish.  There is a need to pray during these times of all communities. However  our books focus on urban problem that are related to the issues for the Native American and Black  Communities. We make very little from the books. We have never need comfortable marketing for the gospel to get rich. Our focus is winning souls and building of the body of Christ! More books to come!prayer23native american man 29.front  2

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