New Décor Design of Pillows


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Zazzle Art! Home Décor Designs!

See Jane Dream Designs Coming soon!

One of my favorite things is created simple deigns for the home. Words and Art are a perfect combination to at style to any room! These are just few new designs I am working on! This year in my new studio I hope to create a massive amount of new décor fro the home and office. AS an artist I m always looking for new way to  design products that define fine art and style!



See Jane Dream Studio produces art by Janie McGee. “I create  fine art, whimsical art, greeting cards, designs, paintings, and  illustrations. After 37 years as an artist I find joy creating art that creates positive images. I love history so I paint  fine art  with historical images and whimsical designs. I use texture and emotions  similar to the impressionists to educate, inspire, stimulate, and provoke thought. Art has been my voice to express the joys and pains of life.

I graduated from Ohio Dominican College 1987 with B.F.A. I have art on permanent display in colleges and facilities through the USA. My greatest accomplishment was working  in the underground railroad in the Harriet Beecher Stowe house. I create mosaics depicting Black history. I create women’s art that reflects  my struggles with being a female, African American artist. I create art for women that reflects their inner real beauty. I create art  from the  spirit, soul, and heart!
Artist and Writer Janie McGee


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