Way Back Then…

Way Back When?


As Christians we have become somewhat conditioned to believe that there is no evil in the world. Or that evil only exists at the level of what we can see on TV. There are countless shows on TV that investigate the paranormal. TV shows have saturated the airways with so much evil programming that true paranormal events are too often not taken seriously. They are often considered to be just entertainment. It is somewhat disrespectful to some degree to be so callous or lighthearted about the practices of people outside of the Christian belief system.

”It is a mindset of western thinking to minimize the beliefs of others into one quick unified bag of concepts”

As a Christian, I have always been offended by the remarks from Unitarians and pantheistic believers who claim it is all the same God and the same thing. Each religion that exists has a belief system that comes from the practice of truth for that believer in that sect. It is a mindset of western thinking to minimize the beliefs of others into one quick unified bag of concepts..

This quick lumping together of religions can sometimes be dangerous because it opens the door to disarm Christian believers from the truth of the often negative impacts different sects have upon people’s lives.

To say that Jesus is the same as Buddha is a lazy approach to really understanding another person’s beliefs. It is not that I agree or believe in other religions. However, I understand they are different and have histories that need to be respected. I can understand things in life without having to believe in them. It is too easy to brush off all religions as the same.

As a follower of Christ’s teaching, I am writing this book from a Christian viewpoint. I understand that there is a vast range of knowledge in the world. Not all religions are the same. But even if I disagree with other believers I have to treat each person and their beliefs with respect and love. I pray that my life would cause someone to inquire about the Christ of the Bible.

However, I do understand as a Christian that Jesus is the way to eternal life and him alone. There is no comprising on the truth of who he is. Almost every religion has reasoning or a statement on how they deal with Jesus. They all have a belief in which they state who they say Jesus is, but it is not based upon his teachings or the word of God. It is like saying you know someone you have never met. I searched the scriptures and asked Jesus to show me who he says he is, and that strengthened my salvation.

The modern Christian mindset has been exposed to so much evil without the biblical understanding of God’s word that Jesus has just become one of many. As a Christian, I believe he has all power over evil and darkness. The false reality that evil only exists on TV and that all religions are the same would make me powerless in my ability to affect it. Jesus dealt with evil in the Bible with power. He knew of the different sects of religions that existed around the time when he ministered in Israel. He sat with sinners and publicans. Yet, he rebuked demons and cast out evil spirits. There is a balance in our walk with God through the Holy Spirit that will help us to love, and hold fast to God’s truth. Not all religions are the same and yet still, we must respect those around us who choose different paths.

I have learned to be sober and respect the beliefs of others. For many who may read this book, the concept of a “Witching Hour” or “Dead Hour” may seem juvenile or flaky. However, the reality of it is that there are religions whose followers practice their belief that this time of the morning holds power. Many Christians have become desensitized to understanding the beliefs of other religions along with not respecting the teachings of those religions’ believers. We often have been too quick to judge and rationalize the beliefs of others out of fear and spiritual laziness. It is too easy to discount things that we fear, do not respect, or believe in.

TV has made the paranormal a quick ½ hour show or a 1 hour episode of terror. There are very little real results to reveal the real reasons for hauntings or demonic activities. Viewers are left with a lot of ungodly answers concerning the events they have just witnessed. As Christians we have too often been quick to respond with simple “cookie cutter” answers because we have not taken the time to understand things ourselves. Sometimes we are threatened that the things we cannot explain might cause us to lose what faith we have. We are afraid it could affect our theology.

The Bible says to know how to answer every man. We should be in a place to respond with biblical answers to every question.

However, much of the teaching in churches now consists of encouraging people to buy new houses, buy new cars, “God wants you rich” and “give all your seed to the church” type messages. Many Christians are just as oppressed as people in the world because we fail to get real results and real answers from God. For many the night is full of restless care and concern while tossing in the bed. God is calling many people to rise up and pray. They are being jolted out of bed and urge to fall to their need in prayer. They are being awakened quickly and find them selves drifting in prayer. The world is in turmoil and in need of prayer. For those who are praying at 3 am… you are not the only ones up.


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