Rent Parties 1930’s Should Make a Comeback!

Back in the 1930’s  when things   were really hard, folks found a way to get by. After the great migration of African Americans to the North, the struggle for every day life  continue in great ways. Racism was still alive, but collective communities worked together against the struggles. From the sharecropping fields of the South to the bustling street of  Harlem the creative unified  effort to survive e 1930’s and 40’s. One of the way that many folks helped each other by throwing rent parties. The “Rent Party”  was a community effort to help each other make have get the  rent paid when they were short funds.

The parties in Harlem birthed new venue for acts, blues artists, jazz, singers, and gospel artists. It was  the down home simplicity   of having a open mic  showcase in your home.  Many great act became legends from the Rent Parties. Fat Waller was one of those great performer that got his start in Rent Parties. The highlight of the rent parties was trying to out-do each other in performance. The rent was collected, but the vibrant showcase of  jazz artist, dancer mad singer  that were propelled can not be denied! The Rent Party sometimes called a house party carried over for decade in the black communities.

002 newMany films have been made from the concept of the Rent Party. During the great depression  it was  one of the innovating ways the black helped each other during one of  America’s hardest times. It would be great to see a massive event that helped  those who are struggling called a Rent Party where people could sign up and get  assistance in paying there rent  while enjoying some of the greatest talent  we have today amateur   and professional!

I hope as America regain economical    strength that along the way…. there is  a revival of the Rent Party  to help folks that are having a hard time.  The work of art below I created  is recent illustration of there Rent  Party back in the day.  I have also posted….a few videos  for your enjoyment.  God  desires for us to be our brother keepers. The Rent Party with all  of its vibrancy  is a kind innovating  way that we can still give a helping  hand to those in need and raise up new talent  for the future!