Loving History! The Great Revivals!

67_tent_revival (2)I love reading and studying history. The past in the doorway to the future… It swings open and back! Below are a few video from teaching about the great men and women who were apart of God revivals across the world. God power is undeniable. We should expect it and welcome the new move of God as led by  the spirit of God. As we understand the true moves of God we can decipher the counterfeit that have come into the world. It it a real good time to know Jesus for yourself and expect miracles and power in your own life. For some of you watching these video you have great calls upon your life and have forgotten the path God is taking you on. Stir up the gifts! It is time to study, press in, pray, and experience his glory for  yourself. No matter what call you have on your life it will take his power, grace, and the name of Jesus  to execute his will. The Holy Spirit is more that  just a feel good moment. He is life in us that guide us to all truth in Christ Jesus. Let God arise in you!  Watch the history  of God men and women  to understand the urge in your for greatness! Teaching by Robert Liardon

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