Gates of Hell: Kenyon College

hauntedhouseOne of Many Gates of Hell

I rarely tell or share what I have been through, but this is a new season. I have just come through a seven month battles of heavy warfare. It time I really share what God has laid on my heart in Jesus name. Many years ago we moved to another part of Ohio to be near friends. There is a college there known for its demonic activities. The Kenyon College has a path with an area in the center of the grounds called “The Gates of Hell”

“Kenyon is also very much a haunted place. It’s a tough call between it and Ohio University. A large number of supernatural entities roam the buildings and grounds of Kenyon’s attractive campus in Gambier, Knox County. “

30_1_gatesWhile we were living in this region we experienced a lot of demonic activity in the city and rural area.The house we stayed in we  had experience the TV cutting on and off, knocking, and a visits from a man dressed in black that just walked through the house. This just few of the thing that happen.  One night I got a call from some friends that some of the girls at a Bible study on the campus were having some issues with things they could not explain. I drove up to the campus. The dorms were located not too far from the path of the gates of hell. One girl said that she had some type of apparition that was coming and sitting on her bed. The girls had been playing with a Ouija board over the past few weeks.

She said she felt chaotic inside and unstable. She was freaking out thinking she was going crazy. I could tell she was fighting and dealing with something. After spending time with them and hearing their hearts we began to pray. As I went around the room praying for each girl there was a release of the refreshing power of the Holy Spirit.  Several girls that I prayed for including that young girl that was oppressed began to manifest distress and severe fear. After praying with them with my friends and taking authority over the evil spirits we saw them get set free and refreshed with God’s power. There was some manifestation of evil: growing,m low screaming, shaking, irritation, and changes of faces expression from  several of the girls. Several of the girls accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts. Not all of the girls there were Christians. The dorms have had a history of events that have caused a lot of the activity. This event I am documenting took place in the fall of 2002. The video below was filmed 2007…. Confirmation!.

32_1_legends_gatesI later found out that many women there over the years since 1979 had experience the same thing. A young man died in elevator shaft while trying to visit a young woman in 1979 in the dorms. This has been considered the source of the activities. The entity has sat on girls’ beds, laid on their beds, and even laid on them while they were asleep. Many of the victims wake up paralyzed and unable to move. They can feel a full human presence in the room. One young lady I found out about after researching this has had this reportedly happen 5 times to her.  The young girl I ministered to was experiencing a consistent demonic torment She as going through mental anguish. I prayed over them all with my friends and saw the were of Jesus break the hold on them. Many fell out under the power of God on the floor. We prayed over them as they laid there on the floor.  It was the name of Jesus that broke her free from the fear and torment that night. It was a great move of God. many days  later the young girl were preaching the gospel over the whole  campus. They were full of the fire of the Holy Spirit and began top set others free! It was a contagious move of God!

kenyon-collegeCaples Dormitory – Many stories have been told from women who once lived in Caples and who woke up to sense someone sitting on their bed or felt someone lying on top of them, immobilizing them, occasionally accompanied by the smell of alcohol. But women are not the only ones who have had paranormal experiences in Caples. One of the best-documented incidents took place in the summer of 1995, after the students had left and before the summer conferences had started. It happened in the wee hours of the morning; several hours after the building had been checked and locked down for the night. It was eventually filed in the campus safety office as an “unexplained occurrence.”

Many days later I was told they were walking on campus every night praying over the area and preaching the gospel to whoever they could. The events that people are experiencing are taking place. As stated earlier, these haunting are not the actions of dead people. I believe they are demons and evil spirits parading as dead loved ones when in reality they are not. “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” Hebrews 9:27. I refer to this scripture again to really reinforce the truth that when life ends people pass on to another place: Heaven or Hell. The confusion and chaos surrounding the appearance of “dead loved ones” always produces fear, violation, and disruption. In Jesus we have power over all darkness.


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