No Trees on The Top of Mountains

“And when he had sent them away, he departed into a mountain to pray.” Matthew 6:46

Words of Wisdom

Golden_and_pink_sky_tree_silhouetteIn living out west in Colorado, I saw  the mountains every day. I remember once I asked God why there were no trees on the top of a mountain. The Lord spoke to my heart and said that at the top of the mountain was very thin air and that no life forms outside of a few birds could soar or live at that altitude. He showed me the process of going to the mountain, as a spiritual place of prayer. He says you start out in the valley, which is a place of the lowness of life. You gather up everything you need in the valleys of life. That is where all the food and provisions for life grow. In the valleys of our lives. Then you head through the wilderness as you head towards the mountains. The wilderness is at the edge of the valley. It is where the trees grow tall in the sun, animals thrive, and the earth is rich in soil. In the wilderness you take the provision from the valley with you (food, trials, tribulations, daily life). He said “You live off the food from the valley and can gather up more provision in the wilderness.” It is a place of struggles and warfare, and survival. After you pass through the wilderness, you head up to the mountaintop. It is a glorious elevation where only a few travel. There you experience the glory of God in his power and see life from the highest heights. You are alone in that place on the mountain where very few can come with you. However, what you take back with you when you go down is life-changing revelations. You start back all over again in the valley for provision and prepare to go to the mountaintop again to experience God’s glory. Moses knew the mountaintop very well. You can know the mountain top through worship and prayer.


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