Your Own Personal Revival: GPS

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me; Thou wilt stretch forth thy hand against the wrath of mine enemies, And thy right hand will save me.” Psalm 138:7

“My soul cleaves to the dust; Revive me according to Your word,” Psalm 119:25

“When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth.
But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God,
And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.” Acts 7:54-56

“Yea, brother, let me have joy of thee in the Lord: refresh my heart in ChristPhilemon 1:20

flower-flowers-girly-nature-pink-Favim_com-218458A personal revival? Sound strange but is very much-needed for many of us coming into July 2012.  The  year has been a year of battles and victories. I have learner   how to pray like never before this year. I have been saved for many years. My walk with Jesus has been  exciting and joyful. I have faced many trials in the last  few years that I thought would break me. Some how He has seen me through with his  grace and love. But a personal revival? A revival is a way of putting back life into things that have died or are in need of a refreshing. Many times in church we hear about the  “ great revival that is going to take place”. It the Christians way of saying that  another huge conference is being planned sometimes. I have studied the  great move of God over the last 20 years. I have learned so much  about the revivals that God speaks about  . It is more than  a brief  announcement in church  at the end of sermons before the offering. The moves of God  I have come across over the last years all have similar patterns of God using men and women to restore and revive the things lost in the body of Christ. The revivals  start with sincere heart and hungry souls. During great hardship in communities across the world God restores his people. Many of the revivals started with great fire and power to fulfill the  needs of hurting hearts.Many people were depressed, attacked, destroyed, disillusion, and lost. I believes that  in many of the books I have read that the enemy had attacked those women and men  of God  causing  them to slip away from their anointing  and followed  their flesh or lies.

A revival can be defined as  a move of   God the restoring those things in our walk with God that has gotten lost or needs a revival .A revival restores and gives  life to those who have  becoming dead to  the things of God through Christ Jesus. With that being said, the revival restore to those who once knew  him the missing pieces of their walk with God. This missing pieces  can be  anywhere from gifting, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the word, and strengths. It is not just the principle of restoring of the Christian to the local church as many thinks.  There is a Christians  belief that everything that happen resolve  around the “church building” . When  in fact everything that happen resolve around the church…. the church is the body of Christ no ta building. We are the church. No walls could every contain the word of God through Christ Jesus when you really understand the power. It is not a little light, but a world-wide glow! There is more to being revived that just being restore to God to check into a local church. There are some who are restored to go into the world and ministry the  good news of Jesus. In Alexander Dowie ministry over 150 ministers  came out  of his movement. He eventually built the city of Zion outside of Chicago and then  loss everything God had given him things to continue the move of God.

pastel-pink-pretty-separate-with-comma-sweet-Favim_com-197324Many  of the  great moves of God were met with opposition and religion. Those who were hungry for God  were  blessed with miracles, healing, and salvation. Them there were those  who  were determinate to keep tradition in place who  fought hard to keep the unexplained moves of God out of mainstream belief. But I believe behind the scene that  many factors used against the men and women of God were demonically planned and executes to stop the souls from being revives, saved, and restores. There is not enough credit given any more  to the  battles we face in the heaven with darkness. We see the fruit of discouragement many time around us spiritual and just classify it as coincidence. It is more than that .There are schemes every day to stop you from being and growing close to  Christ. You are in need of your own personals revival.

re·viv·al (r-vvl)



a. The act or an instance of reviving.

b. The condition of being revived.

2. A restoration to use, acceptance, activity, or vigor after a period of obscurity or quiescence.

3. A new presentation of an old play, movie, opera, ballet, or similar vehicle.


a. A time of reawakened interest in religion.

b. A meeting or series of meetings for the purpose of reawakening religious faith, often characterized by impassioned preaching and public testimony.

5. Law Renewal of validity or effect, as of a contract or judicial decision.  (


Poster1A personal revival can start now. How? There is  the act of sincere repentance in the heart of really seeing how far we have fallen from God and Jesus the thing we know to true. It may have been a long time since you really have experience the presences of God in your life…. I mean really feel the anointing around you. I am not talking about an emotional burst alone,  but a pressing of his love and calling you higher! Something more  than just church business as usual. A move of God in your heart and life. He will make you weep inside as you stand still in him.The trials and tribulation we face  can slowly  drift us out of his will into  the land of the lost. It is not a wilderness experience, but  the experience of being  in the city without a  GPS. You can see the familiar things around you but keep making the wrong turn, but God is with you. You are not alone…. just lost. As  we repent for not following his “GPS” to the right location,  we have to be still, reset, and get a new direction. That mean sometimes going back down streets you  came down  to get back to the  right point for  the new direction. That can mean repentance, forgiveness, and humility. We have to admit we are lost.  It mighty mean revisiting area of your life  and thoughts that may have  caused  you to stray from his will and word. One of the first demons that attack many believers  in the “Spirit of Seduction. it does not seduce you  to sexually thing, it seduce you away from from of God’s will for you and the word of God. It seduces you not from  just the written word, but the word  you have already planted din your spirit that is truth. The Holy Spirit recall all things to our memory as spoken in John.  It is his job to bring  us into truth. The seducing spirit blocks us  from the outside pressing  inwards by using many voices to cloud the hearing of the Holy Spirit. Once you can not hear from God your GPS is off!

GPS = God’s Promise to Save

Once you get thrown  off your path and began to back track with repentance down the street you came down, that causes you to get back  to the point of redirection you need  to a new path. When we go back down those  familiar and unfamiliar  streets  to  get restores, we pick up  sense of direction  and power that  we can make it. We pick up where we went wrong and  trust God  we are going to get back on track. In a personal revival, the gift and calling of God become clear again as we get our bearing. It could be simple as being in the wrong relationship, being in the wrong job, sinning, hate, and frustration with our purpose. We gain back all that is loss in our personal revival. In the Revivals I have studied across the country  and the world in the 200 years the gifts of the spirit were restored, given back to  the church when they had  loss that  desire, desperation, understanding,  and flow of the power of God. God restores us from the places we got of track… and give us the new directions!

Sometimes the car GPS will take you  a whole other way to fix the error of the losing sight of where you are headed. It will guide you to side streets and road that will quickly get you back on track. There is time a when it is not  about  repentance or sin,  but just God redirecting us to  find  his will in our life. It is important to restore that communication with God to know exactly where you are position when you are lost. Sometimes  the GPS been turned d off and need to be charged or turned of in order to hear from God. For many of  us as believed who are not in local church and have been called out during this season it leading to keep the GPS on all times. Not the churches GPS, but the one in  your heart alone called your destiny.

GPS = God’s Power to Speak

You have to charge it up!!! You charge it with praise, worship, prayer, and desire. All these connections and a few more charges up our heart. We have a personal revival started  with the flick of a Holy Spirit  switch. We are in his prescience always but more intensely through prayer. Stephen in the book of Acts was called to serve food and ended up preaching(Acts 7: 56). Stephan went over the whole history of God with his people. He got so full of the fire of God that the people  got upset as he reflected the true state of their heart was  like their forefathers. They became  angry at him they  desired to stone him. He saw the heavens open and then he  saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God. He was killed  and went home to heaven.  The retelling of the history of God with his people set his heart on fire. There is something to be said about going over the testimony we have with God to set a revival in our hearts.

The testimony of what God has done for us can cause us to be revived  as we built up hope and rekindle faith  in our spirit of knowing how God has moved. Just stop and think for a minute….. reflect on the great things God has done for you. When  in the last time you just leaned back and began to go over your history with Jesus. What was the last thing he has done  for you that was great? How has  he blessed  you in the last few years? You will begin to shout about the things you are  thankful for. Look at what he has done! For those who don’t know him as Savior or have  not trust him with your life , just thank about all the  times God has spared your life waiting for you to come to him. He has bless you with life every day as he waits for you to come on into  salvation. That is grace. Only a loving father would spare his children when they stray away. A father’s  heart is a powerful thing. God is our heavenly father.

Your personal revival can start today as you allow God to GPS you to his will and show you his desire for you. You need a refreshing from God. You have been through the storms. You need a new way to live this life  and follow God  beyond just getting up every day. You need the Lord to set  a new  powerful move of his spirit in you life. You have survive  the lonely streets, the desert road, the crooked sideways, and being loss with God’s GPS! Get back to  honest  friendship, relationship, loves, and the ability to live and live you life in Christ. Get back on track and let God take away the disappointments that have overtaken you, and the hardship that have  wreck your life. It is time for Jesus to be lord  over every area of your life. Jesus is your longitude  and the Holy Spirit is your latitude.  God has pinned pointe you on the map and want to get you back on track. Your personal revival to be  restored is just a prayer away. Don’t go another miles the wrong way, but stop and let God set you on fire again. Fire brings everything in life to the lowest element it  can go. Fire creates ashes. Ashes are the lowest level that material can come to. God give us beauty for ashes. Be revived today in you personal prayer closest. Don’t wait for a big conference or the next big (promised) move of God by the church.  Let God  meet you right now and touch your heart with his power! Let God fill you with the Holy Spirit and guide you to your purpose and destination in these life. Half this year is gone, live the second half of this year on for God and be revived! Your personal revival  is just a prayer away. Cry out and pray from your heart and he will answer! Let The Lord GPS you to the new things he has for you this years! Get revived with power! You are ready for the new level God is taking you to. Desire and pursue him today like never before Press, press in with prayer and don’t get up till he has blessed you! Stay on your knees and cry out for the new level he has for you today! God has just turned on your GPS! Glory be to God! You are being revived!

Thank you Lord!!!

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