Shout Hallelujah! Book of Hope and Prayers

BeFunky_Lomoart_1vvvv“Then out of the storm the Lord spoke to Job.” Job 38:1

When you were in trouble, you called to me, and I saved you. From my hiding place in the storm, I answered you. I put you to the test at the springs of Meribah” Psalm 81:7

“When they saw him walking on the water, they were terrified.”It’s a ghost!” they said, and screamed with fear.” Matthew 14:26


Time with God in the Storm

Learning how to be loosed in prayer in the key to your victory. I do not believe there is a direct formula or steps to pray… just the Holy Spirit and the heart. It is praying as led by the Holy Spirit and keeping your heart open to him. It is simply starting where you are and keeping it real. Sometimes in church, you can here “Sister So and So“ pray. You feel inadequate and unsure of your prayer. Sister So and So is not even tried to make you feel unsure in your prayer. It is natural to feel that given our human frailties. We compare ourselves to other all the time. Pray from the Holy Spirit and from your heart. Keep it real. Do not worry about using fancy word, structure or elegant speech… just pray. The more you learn to lose yourself to the Holy Spirit the more you will be able to allow him to pray through you, the word, your words, your need, and Jesus desire for your life in the area you seek in him. Praying always in the spirit.

Your soul need to pray. Let loose of the things that you feel are troubling you when you prayer as led by the Holy Spirit. It hard to get help if you approach God has if you do not need any help. Be open to the Holy Spirit leading you in prayer and releasing your heart to him. It may start with adoration, petition, thanks, concerns, and praise. The combination in not a pattern you need to follow, but the leading of the Holy Spirit. He knows how to commune with God. That’s his job.

When Jesus instructed us to pray in Matthew, he was showing us how to address God in our needs and our response to heaven. He is our Father. It is his kingdom. His will be done. On earth and as it is in heaven. We pray to God through Christ Jesus in his name for our daily needs. It is acknowledging God in prayer. This is a natural place for the Holy Spirit to take you. It is not a formula. For example when you go in room, you address the person there with a greeting because you are familiar with them. When you pray your spirit know to say; Dear God, my Father, or Lord ect. It is natural in the Holy Spirit to flow as he leads. Just flow with God’s will for you in prayer.

For many Saints of God they make prayer spooky because their flesh is trying to take a simple process of conversation, relationship and interaction into a huge big awkward event. When you are in relationship with someone, you become familiar with him or her. God is familiar with you. The word of God, prayer, and the spirit of God brings into familiarity automatically with Jesus Christ because it is his platform he created for us to interact with him. It is natural and divine all at the same time. So keep your soul, body, and spirit open to experiencing God is present in all his glory in prayer through the vehicle of the Holy Spirit. He knows what to do!

imagesCA2DXIZIThen Jesus told his disciples a parable to teach them that they should always pray and never become discouraged. “Luke 18:1


Open my Heart, Lord

Pray with an open heart. Prayer can change as God lead. The Holy Spirit may lead you into worship. He may lead you into songs. He may have you just sit quietly in prayer. He may have you weep. He may have you sing songs in the spirit. He may have you dance. He may have you pray intercession for others. He may have you moan or cry out to him. He may have you sit at the feet one Jesus and receive revelations. Nevertheless, no matter what, he knows what he is doing. One thing is for sure you will know when he is there with you. When you pray you are touching heaven and earthy at the same time while never leaving the room. That is powerful! Experiencing God may mean emotions, no emotions, revelations, power, supernatural, miracles, and even just healing your heart with tears. The Greek word Hagahmeans to mutter, ponder, or meditate on the word. Sometimes when you mediate on God’s word, it becomes a place of prayer. Meditate on God’s word while you are praying. You will find deep revelations that will answer your prayer request.

It can become addictive experiencing God’s presence. Like the old folk say and it is true “there is something about the name of Jesus! There is something about Him that is amazing. A mystery reveal in our love for him and his love for us.

shout hallelajah may 21 2012 ffront

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