My Momma Throws Down!

imagesOne of my favorite  thing is cooking. I  am a big fan of cooking  shows. I have am always keeping my eyes open for new  innovating shows. This last week I discover a new show on TV One called “ My Momma Throws Down!”

I loved every minute of it! The  show  has two contestant nominated by their family to compete. The family’s involvement, jokes, cooking test, and down home fun is heart warming. My mother went to be with the Lord four years ago. It is  still very hard and I miss her. To see others  celebrate their mothers is awesome!

imageseThe shows host Ralph Harris  is one of my favorite comedian  who I have followed over the years. He was one  of  the finalist on Last Comic Standing a few years ago. I recall watching him any years  ago on several  sitcoms. His  natural comedian ability  and warm spirit adds light to the show. He is the perfect  choice for the show.

The show highlight the energy, natural ability, inspirations, and love for cooking from the moms. Many of the  mothers on the show cook soul food with a healthy  twist. I have not  seen any bacon grease on the stove yet! LOL.  They are reflecting  a positive family atmosphere  and highlighting culture. The show airs Fridays on TV One.  I am hooked!  The food  channel Iron  Chef is a  player in the  creation of the show.  I hope the show has a long life. I really enjoy the feeling of family and clean competition  that it brings to  reality TV. Check it out and maybe if your momma can cook… sign her up for the show! her the link!  Watch and enjoy!


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