Music… Bow Down

Over the last few week I have been in a storm, but praying my way through. One of my refuge in prayer. I want to learn more about praying because it draws us closer to God. When we pray we can talk to God. Jesus is always there to help us get through the storm. There are thing you go through in life that can break your spirit and hope. …. and God gave us music! Music has the ability to talk to the soul . Even when you soul doesn’t want to listen, the music will talk. Among the many project I am working on, I am producing my second CD on my own. I write music that is…. different. But it is from my life, soul, and spirit.

The song Bow Down came from my desire to pray while going through the storms. There are times when only God’s presence can sooth the heart and mind. There is quiet place in prayer that the makes the whole world go away. It is just you and God. You can weep tears that make no sound. You smile big and watch heaven smile back. There is place in prayer where the only thing you want is simply peace of mind. It is when we bow down before God and allow his Holy Spirit to consume our heart, soul, and mind. It is in the place that thing can happen. Prayer is not just taking shopping list to God but reverencing in who he is.

There are times in prayer when I don’t even care if the problem are resolve in my life…. I just want time with him. What is addicting is the refreshing that takes place when you allow God to be God and you be you. When you allow the Holy Spirit to be the driver and your heart to be touch. Before you know it… time has drifted by. This song Bow Down is not about getting on you knees, but humbling your heart in the presence of a loving and powerful God. As I press through the storm I am facing I know I will come out and be stronger than things I have battled. But more than that I know that I have drawn closer to my God and Savior! I hope you enjoy the song and video! You can download it on my SoundCloud Raspberry Jazz Free!


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