Praise Break!

Favim_com-21599I remember many years ago we were going through such a rough time. It was one of those times when you wish you had another life you could go live. All I knew to do was pray; I had to learn to pray. There are times when you pray because you’re supposed to…there are times you pray because you have to. This was one of those times. I was at a lost for words on how to pray. I had prayed from every angle I could think  about my problem. I had turned that problem over to God and then took it back daily. Some time you are faced with problems that look like they could just be solved with money. But in reality there are times when you need your peace of mind back!

I went upstairs to our bedroom to pray. The kids were at school, and my husband was at work. I had peace through out the house, but not on the inside. My soul was so troubled that day. I normally prayed standing up or sitting, but this was one of those “I better get down on my knees” situations. I began to talk to God about the things we were facing, but I really needed my peace back. I had learned over the years that I could pray for peace in the midst of the storm until the storm passed. I would seek God face and ask for peace just to get through the trial until the suffering passes. This particular time was harder for some reason.


A few days before when I had been in prayer the Lord showed me the principalities that were over the area. It was a battle I could fight, but I know I would not win. The Lord had should me in was not my battle. There are times when the enemy tries to engage us into battle just to get a fight started. Those battles are distractions and not assignments by God. Since then, I have learned to discern the gift of the Holy Spirit when battles are mine. Many times we are losing because we are fighting battles that are not ours or that are out of season. There is a season for everything! The principality that occupied that area was stealing everything from everybody. I never saw a whole community of upper middle class people who had so many cars repossessed,homes broken into, and family members devastated from material loss. It’s not our battle so we were going to move , so the Lord instructed as soon as we could.

The damaged from the battles still lingered. We had problems that mounted up from just trying to hold ground. We sought the Lord in prayer. I just need peace to hold on until we moved. I was on my knees and was getting ready to seek God’s face about the storm we were in. The Lord began to speak boldly to me. He pressed in my spirit a simple question. “ You know that feeling of release, joy , and praise you get after I answer your prayers?”. I said “ Yes Lord. the joy that comes from answered prayers”. The Lord spoke to my spirit that through this trials we were going through,  he wanted to teach me to praise him for the answered prayers before the prayers was answer. That is called Faith. He was showing me that as I believed in him as Lord and savior I had faith for my prayer to be answered.



vintage_beautiful_wedding_postcardI have always believed everything we need was taken care of at the cross. Jesus gave us everything we needed. He finished it for us and gave us the inheritance of heaven. He gave us the promise of God fulfilled. He gave us victory for the battles. He gave us a way out of no way. He gives us  strength when we are weak. He gives us peace in the storm. He gives life eternal. All we had to do was believe. The Lord was showing me  that if I really believe his power  that true praise would come in my spirit before the prayers was answered. Because I believed by faith that  knowing Jesus, it was already answered. He was showing me  that there was no reason to wait to praise him for the answered prayer.  I understand that from the work of the cross, my  prayers was already answer 2000 years ago. It was already answered by Jesus’s  blood. Whatever I ask in his name… is done! I began to praise God from a deep finished place in my soul. Tears of joy, thanks, and praise burst  from my spirit. I lifted up my hands and felt the Holy Spirit propel  me into complete thanks. Praise for the answered to a prayer I had prayed, I believed! My faith kicked in and I stood in praise of God that answered our prayers. It didn’t matter what I believed the our come of  the  answers would be, but to know by faith no matter what it is…. it has already  been answered. God is in the repeat business… what he does for us, he has already done somewhere in the world for somebody else. It is new and old at the same time, but never unchanging because it is his grace to provide for us!

In church sometimes there is a person forcing us to in the fleshshout and praise God. The statement that r
ing out are always “I can’t get no help” or “you won’t praise him”. It’s an attempt to work up the flesh to respond at the right time to corporate praise. I understand the need of that. I  understand also  that  the task  that person is trying to perform is out of a  good heart  that is only trying to get people to recognize God. If a  praise  started with prayer, then maybe praise would come from the relationship with God instead of  awkward forced unity. True praise comes from faith in God that is good all the time. Take some time today and just sit still in the Lord. Pray about your problems and let him speak to you. Let the Lord touch  you  and bring you  into a true holy place of praise and thank him as he press your spirit. When he is ready, he will answer all your prayers!

Church lady praise1Magnify the lord with all your heart and let’s exalt his name together….. in your praise and my praise, it will  become one voice,  in different location , serving the same God, serving Jesus as he lead and instruct at different times and seasons then…. we are one voice! Praise him as he lead by faith that your prayer are already answered! the video below are to take you from praise to deep worship.





Janie McGee
Little Liza Jane
Double Latte Books



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