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Fullcircle book front“For individuals, families, organizations, and communities to function optimally, spiritual health and mental health and must be seen as a foundational to physical health. FCH has the unique ability to bridge the divide between psychological, sociological, biological and spiritual health at the individual or institutional level.”

My mom and dad raised 8 kids. They made sure we all went to college. I don’t often talk about by family, but I wanted to share a little moreabout my family, friends, kids, and sibling. So here we go! My sister  Darcel and here husband Dr. Derek  Suite are CEO’s of Full Circle Health. Below is information about  their service.  God uses everything he has given us to heal each. The mind need to be healed and nurtures as well. Check out their site and contact them about there service . They are great a helping couples resolve problems  in there  marriage. I recently  help them publish their first books on marriage. It available on amazon and on Kindle. It is Christian perspective on healing your marriage. Check it out!


Full Circle Health

vvvvvFounded in 1999 by Derek Suite, M.D., and Darcel Dillard Suite, M.S., Full Circle Health, P.L.L.C. is a comprehensive counseling and training resource where professional counselors, organizational consultants, and members of faith and youth communities work across disciplines to promote personal and professional well being.We address the whole person by bringing together the physical, mental, emotional, cultural, social, personal, professional and spiritual dimensions of any given situation. Full Circle Health’s unique multi- disciplinary team boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the behavioral sciences, organizational psychology, clinical education and theology.

imageshhhThey provide:

*Professional counseling and coaching to individuals, couples, families, children, groups and community organizations.

*Mental health consultation to corporations, social services and community organizations.

*Professional development services, including strategic planning, cross-cultural sensitivity and diversity training, domestic violence, sexual harassment, conflict resolution and crisis intervention.

*Independent psychiatric, educational and psychological assessments and evaluations.

*Lectures, workshops, and seminars on all aspects of behavioral healthcare.

*Anger management, parenting skills, domestic violence, marriage and life skills training.

*Adolescent mental health and mentoring programs.


Bronx Times Reporter

Klein Rallies For Mental Health
BY Noah Fowle

Senator Jeff Klein, Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz and Community Board 10 district manager James Vacca joined Hermes Caraballo and Michael Harris (front row, l-r) in a rally for Timothy’s Law – PHOTO BY ANNA FOSTER/NF

In a push for greater parity in physical and mental health coverage, Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz were joined by other members of the Bronx community and mental illness survivors in a rally at the Bronx Psychiatric Center for Timothys Law on May 5.

Both Klein and Dinowitz helped push the bill through the Assembly in Albany last year, before it was stopped in the Senate. Now they are hoping for it to pass through both houses shortly and ensure that mental health patients are given the same coverage benefits by their insurance providers as patients who suffer from physical illness.

Timothy OClare was diagnosed with a depression disorder at only ten years old. After the cursory coverage for his ailment ran out, his parents were force to relinquish their son to the states foster care system in order to maintain his health coverage. When the separation only worsened his condition, they took him back and tried to pay for his psychiatric treatment and medicines with little help from their insurance provider. At 12 years old, OClare committed suicide. The rally was held on what would have been his 17th birthday.

Dr. Derek Suite, who runs Full Circle Health on Williamsbridge Road, refuses to turn patients away despite the fact that their insurance will not cover his services for a few months.

He said that Timothys Law must be passed soon so practices like his can continue to stay open and offer viable help to mentally ill patients.
Suite said that he and his staff have had to become innovative in cutting certain costs while maintaining proper healthcare for his patients.

Opened in 1999, Suite said that his practice has treated over 15,000 people. We cant cut back on patients in the middle of their treatment, he said. We are overwhelmed, but we still are meeting peoples needs. Suite was joined at the rally by one of his patients, Hermes Caraballo. A former employee of the borough presidents office, he was diagnosed with depression after he underwent open-heart surgery four years ago.

Although his coverage only allowed Caraballo ten visits with Suite, the doctor continued to treat him and was eventually able to get Caraballo to return to work. Its meant a drastic improvement for me, said Caraballo.

My condition is something that needs constant attention. Mental health is a lifelong issue. Caraballos daughter, Ruth, said that currently, all of her fathers physical therapy is covered by his insurance, while his psychiatric visits are not. Both are equally taxing, she said. On days that he feels crummy, he doesnt want to leave his bed and without regular exercise, his mobility is limited further. Michael Harris, who suffers from a neurological disorder that also limits his ability to move on his own, made a stirring call for those with mental and physical illness to be treated equally.

According to Assemblyman Peter Rivera, who sits on the States Mental Health Committee, his research shows that the cost increase associated with bringing parity to physical and mental health


General Information:
2429 East Tremont Ave
Bronx . NY 10461
Tel. 718-518-7600
Fax. 718-518-7647

Toll Free: 1-800-518-FULL
For Executive and
Celebrity Service
Please call: 914-906-4757


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