Sharecropper Diary… Hallelujah! The Movie

hallelujah movie posterAlmost  21 years ago I began collecting black classic films. I create artwork that reflects black history. I love preserving and sharing our rich culture. The majority of the art I create comes from 1619 – 1950. I try to capture the injustice, pride, pain, and joy of a people who has struggles to  have equality in  America. Some of the films I have come across are attempt to capture the  rich culture in the midst of injustice, poverty, pain, and violence.  The spiritual backbone for many blacks in our history was a guiding force to gain peace , deliverance, and strength in  their darkest hour. Spirituality from African to America has been corner stone of our survival. Never would have made it without God!

imagesCAE1WFBGThe film “ Hallelujah! “ is one of those  nugget of truth in our spirituality that   is rooted  in the troubling  lifestyle of sharecropping. It was one of many great films by King Vidor. This films deal with injustice, love, faith, and recovering. In the films a young man journey to recover his life after the tragedy death of his brother set him on a course for temptation and calling. It is a simple message, but powerful. The  film is  about the  black sharecropping community down south and their journey with this preacher.  The close family  ties and the desire for life prove to be a destructive force that cost  Zeke, the main character played by Daniel L. Haynes.  However  the spiritual awaking through the tragedy propel him into ministry. And that is where the story really begins. It is timeless in theme. Today in the modern church they are so many  preacher  that have lost their churches  and ministry due to temptation.

bhm_hallelujahNina Mae McKinney plays the  part of the  temptress “Chick” in the film. Her bright brown eye could trip up any man. The film  reflect the  reality of not getting distracted when you are called by God. It is a must watch  as classic black films for anyone who is looking a timeless truth about destiny! The videos capture a glimpse into how the film was made in Tennessee and several clips! Enjoy!

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