New Books! Prayers at 3 AM

Here are a few prayers from our newest book Prayer for 3 AM. Is is a follow up from our book “Why Am I up? 3 AM”. It is on amazon and kindle! We  make very little money from our book because we are trying to make the gospel free and available. We hope the day will come soon  that we can be in place to send the books free to those who  need them. We have never been comfortable with marketing and pushing  the gospel. We have seen such exploitation of the gospel. It hinder the gospel being available to those who really need Jesus as  savior! Our heart is to be able one day to just send the books to who every need them  around the world and translated in every language. We are on our way! I wanted to share this point because I often post news about the book we have written in hope that when they are purchase that one prayer  we have written would change lives of those who read the books. We pray that one  prayer could change a family, a community, and  the world around us! More books to come! Share the good news of Jesus with others. Pray  always to God for others and yourself. In Jesus name!

321189Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain my own ways before him.” Job 13:15

Lord I am Surviving/Brokenness

El-Shaddai, Mighty God of all the earth I seek your face for wholeness and restoration. I have been on survival mode. I am coming out of recent battles in my life. I need you Lord to help me to shift to a place of healing, hope, and a fresh start. You promise in your word that you will bring us through the battles we face. You gave us the victory! I need you Lord, to restore my hope, my vision, my finances, my home, my purpose, and my heart from the battles I have faced in times past. I have been broken Lord by the things I have endured. Restore my faith. Restore my courage in your. Restore my hope. Restore my life from the disappointment that happen in the midst of the battles. Restore me Oh Lord in every part of my life. You are the potter and I am the clay. I need you to put me back together again in you. Put a song in my heart. Put a new praise in my spirit. I want to worship you with a new heart. I need you Lord now more than ever to help me understand what I have just come though. Give me revelation and turn into your glory. Strengthen me Father and use that strength to build your kingdom. I know you were with me in the battle. I saw you move in my life. I give you the glory and thank you for bringing me out. I am in survival mode and need to shift to a place of new vision and new hope in my walk with you. I have been tried by the fire in the battle and I pray I come forth in you as pure gold. I think you for the trial and tribulations that may be used for your glory. Restore me Lord, 100% to not only what I lost, but also what will come forth that you have set for me. I receive that restoration and shift from surviving into my divine purpose in you. Thank you for being there for me. I have an expectation of great thing to come. In Jesus name.

bld057434“ In the same way urge the young men to be self-controlled. In all things you yourself must be an example of good behavior. Be sincere and serious in your teaching.” Titus 2:6-7

For Sons

Almighty God, Children are a blessing from you. I pray for my son Lord that he would walk with you all the days of his life. I lift up my son before you that you would hear my heart cry. I dedicate his life to you. Guide me and instruct me to raise him to follow you all the days of his life. Father whatever talents and gift you have places in him, I ask you to show me, Give me a revelation of my son. Teach me to guide his gift and talent .Show me how to bring out the best in him that you have places in him. Provide the entire thing I need financially as a parent to give him the best. You are his heavenly father. You know everything about his life and what is to come. Give me a prophetic insight to his life so that I can raise him with a revelation understanding of what he is to become in you. Convict him boldly of sin in his life break off generational curse that would trouble his coming into manhood in you. Shut boldly doors of sin on his life that would cause him to lose the call on his life. Teach him your word. Teach him to love others. Keep him sexually pure until marriage. Give him hunger for the things God. Prepare him for the wife of his youth that you have for him. Prepare his wife for him. I pray for scholarships and job opportunity that will provide that finances he need to care of himself and family one day. Keep him from legal problems and jail. Increase his talent to the highest level. Remove all friendship and relationships that will shipwreck his life. Use me to instruct, love, nurture, and encourage the abilities you place in him to come forth. Where I fall short, take over Lord boldly. He is yours Lord! Keep him and bless his life. In Jesus name!

3460253“Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

The Hurting World

Lord Jesus Christ, You came into the world and experience our pains. The world is hurting and need you dear Savior. Send your missionary and servant into the world that those who need you will find you in them. Help those places in the world that have been devastated by war and hate. Touch those communities throughout the world that have been abandonment by modern man and left to survive on their own. I pray for the children of the world that you provide them with water, food, medicine, and schools. For those children who have been made orphans in war torn parts of the world, give them loving parents and homes to call their own. For the women of the world that have survived great looses, give them relief. Send governments and foreign workers to help them recover from the abuse and destruction that have taken place in their communities. Give them skills and livelihood every day to take care of their families. For the men of the world that have suffered great despair, restore them to the place of honor you have for them. Provide employment and money to take care of their family. Let the good news of Jesus Christ come alive. I pray for a revival in the hearts of men. Work miracles, healing, and wonders. You said the signs and wonders where for the believers and the unbelievers. Let them see you in the fullness of your power and revive them with your Holy Spirit. Send workers for the harvest the world. Send help Lord. Provide water for those who heed clean water. Raise up provision through the world for your children of all ages! In Jesus name. Amen

Prayers For 3 AM


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