Hi, My name is Janie.. I am Artist.( AAA- Aggressive Artist Anonymous)

!cid_52AAA – Aggressive Artist Anonymous. I have been an artist for over 34 years. I have a good success, but it has been hard. I have  ponder, why is has been so difficult to succeed? After thinking about it over the last few days I came up with my own AAA – Aggressive Artist Anonymous. I am one of many members of artist many different disciplines that are dedicated to our  talent, but have a hard time compromising in order to be successful. We are aggressive and unknown to many. I am one of many artists that spend  so much time creating art, books, music, poetry, animation , films, and much more that will never be recognized by  mainstream as good enough. I am one of many of a sect of artists that live and sleep  the arts every day.  It has been hard to translate my talents into steady income because I am not commercial. I create black art that capture history and life as seen through my arts. It is not every day someone must desire to  put ” Black people” on their walls. You don’t hear that conversation  in Wal-Mart or Target. Nor to hear someone desire to  listen to music that tell the reality of the world around us and  the choices we have to help  change this world. You don’t hear  someone say down a  aisle of a J.C Penny store, ” I want to buy some music that makes me think hard about world hunger? Got any suggestions?”  Nope….. not gonna happen.

Why? Because as artists who are connected  to our experience in this life we live out art that  we create from it. It  is from being homeless that I understand what  it like to eat one meal a day. It is from being called ” Nigger” many times over,  that I under stand what is like to be treated different because of the color of your skin or life.  It is from being bullied at school that I understand what it  is like to be treated like an outsider because you are different. It is from sitting in church Sunday and being treated like I  am God lesser choice  of a part of his salvation plan. That  is  why I  understand  that  it is important to love others  in Christ as they are .  It is through our artist’s experience that we process  life  in  through wood, music, paper, clay,  graphic, paint, dance, and words.

I am aggressive because I won’t give up. I am determined to tell my story. I am determined  to paint the past and the future each day.  I know the price I have paid to just to able to get up every day  and believe that my art has meaning. I am aggressive because I have to live with the burden and blessing of seeing color, sounds and movement in everything I experience. I am aggressive because I wont give up. That is too easy. I am the that  artist that  for years sent sample to companies  hoping I would be the next best artwork  they purchase to put in their store. I realize that  in order for that to happen, I had to pull back in my voice in my art and try to be more commercial in order to get that chance. I didn’t want to just  paint cakes, cups of coffee and cute cats. It is not my voice to paint women with  extreme body parts to used  as weekend art in bar.  I have been told my art is too intense…. life is intense. living is intense. Praying is intense. Loving is intense. I grew up  falling in love with  Monet, Charles White,  Hopper, Diego, Da Vince,  and Rockwell. I grew up imitating painting by Picasso  in chalk. I grew up siting at the piano for hours trying to play songs by  Duke Ellington and classic piece by Mozart. I grew up loving the world around me…  before CNN, BET, Discovery, and MTV.

I am an artist by heart. I am renaissance. I use every gift in me to create and touch a life. I had art exhibit in Colorado many years go  for women artists. I curated the show. I  performed a  performance poetry piece that night. I usual perform at all my opening. After I was through a women came up to me in tears. She had  been staring at a  drawing on the wall of three women that we’re being dragged in chain to a plantation. She said while listening to me perform and staring at the picture she was over !cid_4419E84E5D454B5BA70EA88AACD6D2CF@JazPCcome with release  from many bad things that  had been in her life. She realize she didn’t have to be enslaved by her problems. She wipes away  her tears and brought the drawing. Changing  someone life is priceless.

I am anonymous because I may never get credit or  will be  know on this earth for the things I have done as artist to endure. I am effecting and change in lives. I use my art as voice from the past, the present and the future. I am  a Christian  so my faith is important be. I am unchurched Christian because I am  trying hard to be  the church right now in a broken world. I have been broken.   I am not against church attendance, but in this season God has really called  my family to use our gift  in the market place and in the multimedia to show his love. It is not about politics or have great fame…it is about taking what every gift you have inside and making someone’s  else life  better. Recently I had two women who ran across my Church lady series  design for Breast Cancer survivor for African  American women. They requested to use the art. I am honored..

My Music…. first video

I hope to create art that is life  giving and life changing. I  have given countless paintings  to every day people   who could not afford my art. I did a drawing of a young man  the was talking to Jesus  about getting saved. I had angels in the back ground watching over the young man. I had shown at a church   café where she worked. She wanted to buy the painting  but had  no money . I gave her the drawing. She told me with tears in her eyes  about her brother that was facing  time in prison. She said  the art spoke to her about what God could do. I  am anonymous. I want to be  know for making life better for someone else though art, music, dance, or books. With everything in me…I am a paintbrush. The pain and joy in my life is my palette. The World is my  galley.  The hearts and soul of men and women is my motivation.

HI, My name is Jane McGee. I am  in the AAA – Aggressive  Artist Anonymous…..

The Arts…….

My Art..

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