Some Morninz I Wake Up As Strong As Coffee

gracework_unbrella-172x149Some Morninz I Wake Up as Strong as Coffee is an collection of Artwork  from the GraceWork series. The series was  created back in the late 90’s. It is collection of aerial view  drawing. The idea was birthed from a concept of   God looking down at the world  watching us pray and love each other. The series started with a women who get a letter to pray for a friend. The letter stresses the  need to pray for others  in our daily life is capture in  about 45 pastels I have created over the years. I have combined the art with saying I have written  and scriptures to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the  Morning!






gracework_fallIntercession is a gift from God that we pray for each other. Take a few minutes and pray for those you love. Lift up their name before the Lord. Life is hard. We need each other. We all need prayer. I pray for you, you pray for me. Jesus died for us all of our prayers to be heard by God in heaven. Pray as if you were praying for yourself. Pray with urgency. Pray with feverously. Pray in the spirit….Pray!” J McGee

gracework_catwindow“There is quiet place in our heart when we can meet the Lord face to face. Worship him. Adore him. Open up your heart and spend time with Him. Jesus desires a personal relationship with you. As you pray, tell him what you are going through. Don’t hold anything back. He will meet you where you are… in a quiet place with a full heart.”           J McGee

gracewt-168x163-173x163-189x163 (3)“In the morning when you pray, call out to the Lord those that you know that need his love and help. Cry out to the Lord for his power and grace to touch their lives. Lift up those you love in prayer. Don’t hold back. Pray whatever their needs are. These are hard days and many more hard days ahead. We need each other now more than ever. Take time to pray…”

sommm new 2012front2Some Morninz I Wake Up as Strong as Coffee

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