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“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge”. Proverb 18:15

tumblr_loy9ksfmPG1qlq2jmo1_500_thumb Education

Gracious Lord, I desire to pursue my education to cultivate the gifts and talents you have placed in me. I know your power to move or make a way out of no way Lord. Father show me and guide me to the right college. Guide me to the right major. Make a way for the financial aid, scholarships, and funding to come forth. I need miracles on my behalf. Lord it is in my heart to learn more and improve my life with more education. I am thankful for all you have given me. Increase me to have all that you have planned for my life. Help me to get accepted in the college I need to attend. Let me find favor with the school counselors to get the classes I need. Make a way for this not to interfere with my family or lifestyle, but that I come forth in you.

Whatever it takes Lord make a way. I break the curse of lack of education and distractions that have lingered in my family line. I pray for the increase to come in my gifting and talents through you Lord. I believe by faith for the doors to open and the money to be provided as you said in your word whatever I ask in your name you would do in Jesus’ name. Lord make a way for the burden of too much student loans to be broken and provide a debt free education if it is in your will.

Give me the study habits and focus to succeed in you in the right field. No matter how this may sound to anyone else, help me not to give in to the voices and pursuits of those around me who would try and encourage me not to attend college. I ask you to strengthen me to stay strong in my inner woman and pursue the education I need that you will provide. I thank you Lord for the open doors. In Jesus’ name!

But straight away Jesus said to them, Take heart; It is I, have no fear.” Matthew 14:27


suitcasesvLord, I thank you for your promises that you will always be with me. Father, I am battling loneliness. I seek your face that you would come and comfort my heart. Lord I desire to conquer the feeling I have that causes me to feel abandonment and alone. You are my heavenly father and Jesus you are Lord over every area in my life. Be lord over my soul, my heart, my thoughts, my mind, and my strength. Help me to see your presence in my life every day. Guide me with your spirit to do activities that will help me to develop who I am in you. During the time I am lonely help me to stay focused on the season you have me in during this time. Strengthen me to wait on you and see your will for my life in this season. Father in heaven take away the torment of loneliness that is not of you. Deliver me from fear, abandonment, isolation, and rejection. Build in me the confidence and reassurance that my life is in your hand. Develop my talents in this season. Help me to grow more in your word in my times of loneliness. Place in my heart a love for others and serving others that I may use my time building the kingdom of God. Reveal your will for my life in the years to come that I may hold on to your promises even more in this season of waiting. I release all the rejection and disappointments I have had from the past and people. I welcome a new fresh walk with you. I receive new revelation s of your will in my life. I receive new vision for my tomorrows and today. I receive, Lord a better understanding of who I am in you and your purpose this day. I boldly replace all the loneliness I feel with more of your love for me. I receive your love and comfort this day in my life. I thank you Lord that you are giving me joy for my sorrows and peace. I receive a garment of praise for the garment of heaviness! In Jesus name!

“Give ear to me, O Lord, and have mercy on me: Lord, be my helper. By you my sorrow is turned into dancing; you have taken away my clothing of grief, and given me robes of joy; So that my glory may make songs of praise to you and not be quiet. O Lord my God, I will give you praise for ever.”Psalm 30:11-13


imagesCAAGWBAPMy Father in Heaven, you know the things that have happened in my life. I come to you Lord asking that you help me to overcome the disappointment in my heart. I have tried so hard Lord to make things work out in different areas of my life. I am burdened with disappointment and pain. I am heavy with the sorrow, despair, and shame. Jesus, I need you to strengthen my heart from the things that have failed in the past and give me new vision. I will not give up Lord on my dreams but I need you to refresh the vision and strength to achieve them. Lord renew a right spirit in me. Guide my direction and plans. Take full control over the strategies you have for me to be successful in life. Open up doors that I could not open and make your power known. I release all the failure and disappointments in my life this day. I release all the people who have disappointed me. I release all the relationships that have failed over the years. I let go of the past and let you reign in my life in every area in a new way, a new day, and new revelation of your will. Not my will Lord, but your will be done. I thank you Lord for a fresh start. Every demonic assignment that has set itself up for my failure and every demonic spirit, I rebuke it in Jesus’ name. Every agenda that other people have for me that is not of you I release myself from it. This day Lord I receive your directions, refreshing, and healing from all the disappointments in my life in Jesus’ name!

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