Throwback! Favorite Preachers!

il_fullxfull_189871365Sometime you get real hungry for a good word….. I mean a real good word! Many years ago when my husband were young in the Lord we were draw to certain preachers that really capture God’s word. There is a difference in preaching to get money and preaching because you are anointed by God! I have heard allot of people preach, teach and examine the things of God with great effort. But there is something about hearing a  man or women of God that  truly is led by the Holy Spirit. I have preached  under the anointing many times. BY that I mean when you really know it is not you making sense… but God. I have seen many come to Christ that were converted  not just convicted by the moment. There is a need for the word of God  to be a life changing experience when we really encounter all powerful loving Savior that touches our lives.  It is refreshing to look back sometimes and hear the word preached with great power. I have several ministers that  I can say with great conviction  have change my life by the very words they have spoken under the anointing.

 Recently through many great battle in trying to write several books and create new art  I have had to go back and find those preachers to get strength to go forward in Christ. I have stepped always quietly from the physical church for a season to really  do some of things God has called me and my family to do that take great time and effort. The battle has been great… but the victory is Christ is awesome.  Below are a few sermons that have really help me get through the days and press in prayer in the nights, knowing   that I can do all things through Christ that does give me strength! Enjoy! May the sermon help you get  hope and faith and strength to  press through the many transition we are all facing in the Body of Christ to be about our Father business! I had to look back and find these great  men and women of  God to press toward the mark! Be Blessed!

Dr. SM Lockridge The Names Of God


Apostle R.D Henton

RW Shambach


EV Hill

Rita Twiggs

Ernestine Cleveland

Bishop G.E Patterson


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