Church Lady…. Whimsical Art With Hope!

clip_image001Over the last 7 years I started experiment with different styles of art. I create art that is Fine art, illustrative, and whimsical. The whimsical art seem to sell better during these hard time in the economy. It is amazing to me the response that the simplistic style of my art get from my clients. The Church Lady Series is an example of that style. I create this series about 7 years ago when I was producing my own greeting card line. As usual I was never able to get the line picked up by a major company. I started printing and producing the cards myself. My biggest client was my mother Louise Dillard who went home with the Lord. My father Robert Dillard also who went home to heaven, enjoy the cards.

I wanted to produce a line of whimsical art that showed women who wereclip_image002 different shapes, heights, and shades. I started with a small watercolor design of women praising God in a line. My faith is key to allot of the art I created. I am an unchurched Christian with a strong faith. I try really hard to be the church in how I handle life and people. That’s a story for another day. I have been very disappointed with the church, but not Jesus. So this series is my way of preaching love, strength, and beauty to women. The women are African American, but there is a sense of humanity in my art that goes beyond colors. It is about unity, faith, and happiness. I was told once by my mentor Thomas Blackshear to always create art that is beautiful. I lived in Colorado Springs many years ago. I met Thomas when I worked at an art supply story. We became friends. He mentors me for about two years. He became a dear friend. His encouragement in doing what God has called me to do have helped me allot.

clip_image003A few months ago two of the designs were purchased by Ohio State University diversity program. The art was used for black women Breast Cancer survivor. It is a real honor to know my art is helping great cause. Many years ago I hand painted Tea Pots for a Black women Breast Cancer Survivor group in Cincinnati Ohio. I have a new line called Pink Diva artwork I am working on to really impact the cause of Breast Cancer for Black women. I hope the series continues to inspire and help heal those who have come through such medial difficulty.

This series has is still growing with more illustration to be added. I have had great responses from the public online about the series so I hope to develop it more. Church lady is vibrant colorful whimsical expression of the pain, joy, faith, and encouragement to keep your the hopes high every day. Hope you enjoy this short slide show of some of works from the series! I am working on a Church Lady Book for the fall. More to come!

Komen House in Columbus Using Art:

Grantee Spotlight
clip_image005In an effort to reduce the health disparity in breast cancer among African American women, the Sister Screen Saver program through the James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University, aims to provide on-site mobile mammography screening services at local community churches and use culturally tailored information to educate African American women about breast cancer prevention and early detection. Learn more »


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