Prayers From “Shout Hallelujah!” New Book on Amazon

shout hall front newThough he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain my own ways before him.” Job 13:15

Lord I am Surviving/Brokenness

El-Shaddai, Mighty God of all the earth I seek your face for wholeness and restoration. I have been on survival mode. I am coming out of recent battles in my life. I need you Lord to help me to shift to a place of healing, hope, and a fresh start. You promises in your word that you will bring us through the battles we faces. You gave us the victory! I need you Lord, to restore my hope, my vision, my finances, my home, my purpose, and my heart from the battles I have faced in times past. I have been broken Lord by the things I have endured. Restore my faith. Restore my courage in your. Restore my hope. Restore my life from the disappointment that happen in the midst of the battles. Restore me Oh Lord in every part of my life. You are the potter and I am the clay. I need you to put me back together again in you. Put a song in my heart. Put a new praise in my spirit. I want to worship you with a new heart. I need you Lord now more than ever to help me understand what I have just come though. Give me revelation and turn into your glory. Strengthen me Father and use that strength to build your kingdom. I know you were with me in the battle. I saw you move in my life. I give you the glory and thank you for bringing me out. I am in survival mode and need to shift to a place of new vision and new hope in my walk with you. I have been tried by the fire in the battle and I pray I come forth in you as pure gold. I think you for the trial and tribulations that may be used for your glory. Restore me Lord, 100% to not only what I lost, but also what will come forth that you have set for me. I receive that restoration and shift from surviving into my divine purpose in you. Thank you for being there for me. I have an expectation of great thing to come. In Jesus name.

bigstock_Gerbera_Daisy_flower_retro_st_25519262Give praise to the Lord; he has heard my cry for help. The LORD protects and defends me; I trust in him. He gives me help and makes me glad; I praise him with joyful songs. The Lord protects his people; he defends and saves his chosen king. Save your people, Lord, and bless those who are yours. Be their shepherd, and take care of them forever.” Psalm 28:6-9

Battling Depression/Loneliness

There are days and nights Lord when I am overcome with great sadness and despair. God of all comfort, I need you to give my heart and soul the joy it once felt in you. Lord come rescues me from the cloud of darkness that takes over my mind, heart and soul. Make me whole Lord. I cry out to you for deliverance from the Spirit of Heaviness, The Spirit of Depression, and the Spirit of Grief. Delivered me Lord from the hand of the enemy my over my life. I submit my whole being to you. Change my thoughts to the mind of Christ. Help me to see the world as brighter place in your. Lord help me to see the days as brighter in you. I want my joy to return because the joy of you Lord in my strength. When I am overwhelmed by the cares of the world and the pain deep in my soul , Father heal me and set me free from the torment of sadness that has try to overtake my life. I rejoice Lord in who I am in you. I rejoice Lord, in what I have in you. I rejoice Lord for the love I have in you. I receive the joy back in my life as you have set me free. Every issue in my life that tries to bring me down, Father I ask the you be lifted up. Every person in my that would help to bring me down, Jesus I lift your name. Put a new song in my heart. Put a new dance in my step, Father of comfort as I see the morning sunrise each day. I am thankful for the grace you have given me to see another day. I rejoice in loving you each day. I do not receive that heaviness, schemes, or darkness that tries to steal my joy. I have cried out and I am free. Whom the Son set free, is free indeed. Thank you for giving me back my joy! In Jesus name. Let this work be permanent in me. This Deliverance will stand in the days to come. In Jesus name!

Pink-shoes“ ‘And for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, and the two will become one.’ So they are no longer two, but one. No human being must separate, then, what God has joined together.” Mark 10:9

My Mate

Light of the World, I pray for my mate. Send me the person you desire for me to build your kingdom. I have tried Lord to find this person myself. I have tried Lord to wait on you. I need divine intervention. I intercede for my mate, whatever issue or stronghold in their live that would be keep us from meeting I pray you would remove it. I pray Jesus that you would bless both of our live so that when we meet we have been prepared for marriage. Break inside of me anything that would hinder me from having the mate you have for me. Heal me Lord. Repair the issue in my past that would hinder the future I have in getting married. I am ready for your will to be done in my life in marriage. I break off any past relationship that would effect what you are doing in me today. Purify me. Wash me with your word repeatedly. Give me the revelations that I need to combine our visions as one when we meet. Remove all the counterfeits in my life. I want the real thing Lord. I pray that you let this be the season that I can meet, court and marry my mate to build your kingdom. I thank you for even the lonely time I have that you drew me closer to you. I thank you that you have turned even my sorrow in to joy during the hard times walking alone. You are a God that answers prayers. You keep no good thing from us. Building your kingdom is a good thing. I thank you for answering my prayer. I thank you for redeeming the time I have spent alone. I welcome my mate into my life in this season. I thank you faithful father for giving me my heart desire. In Jesus name!

shout hall front newShout Hallelujah!

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