My Music and My Art

Uploading My Music!

hot-cocoa_thumb1Over the years I have tried to revive my music. It hard getting your music up and running when you are in your 40’s. I can’t join a rock band or try out for a Go-Go Band. I have tried playing piano in jazz groups. That did not go as well as I liked. So I am making a….comeback? I have been writing music with software for about several years now. I produced my first CD in 2010. It was called “A Side Order of Praise”( It’s on amazon). This year I wanted to write some new music and produce my own music with pic. I have a long ways to go.

The new music I have been working is from a different place in my soul. I have tried to compose music that reflects a more spiritual side of me. The new music is a little deeper and some of it a little more funky. Check out my music on Sound Cloud . I posted a few videos and music below. I am work-in progress! I combine my art with my music. I also write books so I have created book trailers also!

Enjoy! Janie

Enter video caption here
Enter video caption here

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