Jack it to Jesus!

A few days ago I watched “Toddlers and Tiaras” with my daughter on TLC. It’s a reality show where little girls are made to look like grown women to compete in pageants. The parents,  I think,  are living out their lost dreams in their little  daughters. I think a few may have honest intentions. I don’t watch this show often. I flip by it. That day I decided to watch about 10 minutes of it to see what was up. One of the mothers described a hair style she wanted her daughter to have for the  competition. She said “Jack it to Jesus!” I laughed at the expression. I had never heard anything like that. My daughter who is in college started using that expression the next day when I was doing my hair. Later that night I thought about the power of prayer and using this term. It made sense to use that phrase in getting a breakthrough in prayer,  when there is a great need in your life! Jack it to Jesus! Since that day that expression has stuck in my spirit.

The term, for me means to “lift up as high as you can what you need”. The woman on the show wanted her daughter’s hair stacked high. In reality there are times when we need our prayers to “Jack it to Jesus”.  There is a time  in prayer when we need to be on  high fire for God. In our prayers we  need to lift up with power, our requests before God. We need to send up  our cries to the heaven. Jesus paid the price  for us to have a right go to God through him to lift up our needs. The Holy Spirit knows how to “Jack it to Jesus!”. This year is a year of prayer. This year is a year of lifting our voices like never before to God. We need to get back on fire in prayer and pray for others.  The mom on the show knew that the higher her daughter’s hair was, that the chances of her winning were greater. In reality it is the same in prayer, but with faith! With our faith high we get answers…..when we believe! We Jack it to Jesus with great faith!

 “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.  Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:23-24

There are two  words that over the years have been missing somewhat from some churches. Those words are; the Anointing and the Holy Ghost. The anointing is the Spirit’s  ability to move and fill us with fresh  power. I have heard people sing and I have heard people sing under the anointing. There is a big  difference. We need the anointing. The anointing is referred to as oil and water  in the word.  The oil is a symbolically  referenced throughout  the  Bible.  The truth of being anointed comes from symbolically  the press of God  in our lives and walk as his children. It is then that the anointing  comes  out of us. It is a yielded life in the spirit. The anointing comes out from the  press of the Holy Spirit moving in us. The anointing flows from the yielded  life  that has been pressed by God. That yielded life produces works that release his power. Last year was a year of  great pressure . This year is year of  great anointing! Every year should be that way as we walk with Jesus!

The second word is  the “Holy Ghost”. A ghost is  a term used  when  someone is dead  and their  spirit is  left hanging around. I don’t  believe in ghosts… I’ll explain that later. But I do believe the term is referring to  something that is there after death. We have died in Christ for those who believe.  We are raised with Christ and carry our cross. The Holy Ghost lives in us since we are dead ,but are  risen in him. We have a new Spirit that lives in us since we have died to our selves! We have the Holy Ghost! I can recall  when I was in the apostolic church many years ago a song about getting the Holy Ghost! We lifted up a high praise to God. We Jacked our praise to Jesus! In the Holy Ghost. This year is a refreshing of that need to  live in the Holy Ghost and not in our flesh.  So many problems can be resolved in our lives if we live in the spirit. We must realize we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. Old things are passed away.  We have been Jacked up to Jesus!

Make this year count and cry out to God like never before. Let your prayers be made known. Spend more  time in prayer. Pray in your mind and heart. Lift up your needs to Jesus. Lift up your needs bodily to Jesus! This year with your heart, cry out to God with everything you  have held  inside that you need! Praise him with a pure heart! Lift him up! Everything you need…. Jack it Jesus!


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