2012: Selah And Aphaireo

Selah – A biblical term used 71 times by itself in the Psalms. It invites the reader to pause and to meditate or reflect on the message. One example is Psalms 3:2: “Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. Selah.”

  • A musical term meaning to pause.

Aphaireo – The Greek word for take away is Aphaireo and it means to have something taken away by force.

66It is 2012. The year I guess the Aztecs warned us about. Either they were right about 2012 or just ran out of space on the rock to write. Every year I try to get a strong sense of what God is doing in the body of Christ. I knew coming into 2011, that it would be a year of losses and great hardship. It was. My dad passed away last January. I am still healing. I don’t think you ever get over the loss of a parent. I had two really awesome parents who are gone on to heaven. It was a hard year of relocating to Maryland from Colorado. I still miss the mountains every day. I had to let go of friendships that were not God’s best. I have had so many women in my life over the last 40 years who never really “ get” me. So I always look out of place in their eyes in life. I am an artist, what can I say!

But this year is looking spiritually really strange. I have a few words in my spirit of things to come, but I will keep them hidden for now. I can can share boldly that this is a year of Selah and Aphaireo!

Selah is word that has many different meanings. It is mentioned in the psalms over 70 times. In the psalms it is used as a musical term to describe a pause or reflection on what was said or happened. Selah. It has great meaning similar to the word images“amen” also. It can mean to agree, or to reflect with agreement on what was said or done. But before I share what it means for 2012 let me get to Aphaireo!

This year has already started off with things being forcefully taken away. So far, I have seen bad marriages, jobs, decisions, relationships. and behavior snatched away. It is almost to the point that I would encourage any one reading this blog to make wise decisions, and quickly, before things are snatched away in your life. Why is God allowing things to be snatched so quickly? It has a lot to do with what is going on in the world. It is time to get in place and get your affairs in order. I am not concerned with the prophecy of the Aztecs about the world ending. No one knows that day or time. Some say we can know the season. That may be true. I am saying that God is really not playing around with folks who have been dragging their feet on getting right with him, doing his will, walking in your gifting, getting in or out of bad relationships, healing your heart, coming to terms with disappointments in life and moving forward, and really letting go of baggage that hinders his will for your life. It is time to move your life forward!

abstract-backgrounds-gallery-ibakSo many wasted days have been spent by us all in the last few years in survivor mode. Survivor mode is reacting to all the hardships in life but never taking full control. It is the process of just putting out fires every day instead of lighting the fire in your life for Christ! Survivor mode is deadly. It will sustain you but you can only go so far. Many times when people have been shipwrecked or survived a tragic accident they hold on to the end. As soon as help comes they fall apart and lose all strength because they know it is okay to give up now. They put their lives in the hands of who ever rescues them to get them to safety. They are done and have done all they could to stay alive until help has came. The word salvation mean to be recused. It is in the final hour of your trouble now that you can let go. You have been rescued. God has rescued you! Stand on that! This year let go and let God!

I read a passage in a Watchman Nee’s book about a man who was drowning. A great swimmer let him almost drown before he recused him. Watchman asked him why did he wait until the last moment to recuse him? He said because the man was in fear and would have pulled him down with him. He had to wait until the drowning man had come to the end of himself and would not fight him, then he rescued him from drowning. Many of us have pulled those who came to help us down with us. It is time to come to the end of our selves and be recused by God!

k1635483Things will be snatched away this year like never before. It will be a year of quickly seeing things gone with or without your consent. However it is the things God will take out of your hands that will bless you. Sometimes your hands have to be emptied out before they can be filled. this is a year of being emptied out quickly. Look for the new thing that God will do in your life. Don’t look for familiar things, but new things! This year will be a year of seeing major celebrities just gone quickly from sight. It will be a year of seeing cities just wiped away. It will be year of seeing families torn apart quickly. Why is that? Because it will be a year of honesty. Telling the truth and being honest are two different things. You can tell the truth and say I have car. It would more honest to say “but the car does not run”. This year honesty is on the table. So any thing held together by lies will break. Every thing will be shaken. The joy is not in the losses but in the restoration and new things. There will be new cities, new jobs, new families, new businesses, new spiritual growth, new visions, new revelations……after the old has been Aphaireo from your life! The blessings will come because God is in the business of blessing his people. many of the things that will be taken away are hindrances to his will for your life. They are like Linus’ blanket on Charlie Brown. You’ve had the blanket for so long that you have out grown it. The people around you won’t tell you how immature you look with it because it has become a part of you they just live with. This year blankets will be snatched. Expect great things. Keep your eyes on the restoration of God. Even personal prophetic words God spoke into your life many years ago will come to pass this year. Keep praying and watch!

This is where Selah comes in to view. It is a pause and reflection on what is being done. Your attitude toward the things that will happen will be a Selah this year. You will reflect on it and move to the next note. It will be God’s supernatural peace that will comfort you. It will be hard because he will give us time to pause and reflect. True praise will come out of the hearts of those who truly understand the hand of God moving in their lives. So many times praise is worked up by the church director who pushes to get people to lift their voice to God. You will shout praises this year from a pure heart. You will stand still in awe of his grace as the new things come into view. This will be a year of many Selah moments. Even as we watch the things around us turn so bad there will be a Selah in our heart. The days of doubting God are over. That’s what 2011 was all about. It was a year of losses mixed with survival. It was year of seeing God’s grace and love in the midst of the storm. I am assured more than ever now that he is God all by him self! Selah.

x12862417This year will be a year of joy being restored. Selah. it will be year of getting rid of thing with a deep natural godly expectation for better. Selah. It will be year of healing in the body, love in the heart, and true holiness that comes from walking with God. I asked my self over 30 years ago what kind of Christian I wanted to be: one who walked behind God wondering what was happening, one who walked ahead of God too far from his plan, or one who walks with God who fellowships with his will. This year for us all that choice will be made to walk with God. Selah.

Finally many people talk about a great revival. I have studied the revival moves of God for over 20 years. This year is like all the others, the revival is in the hearts of man,whether corporately or individually. It s a revival of the Holy Sprint truly guiding us and directing our lives back to Jesus, back to God. Selah. I’m not worried about what’s coming on earth, but instead hold fast to the simple reality in the heart that Jesus Christ is there for all your needs. You have passed the test. You have survived the temptations. You have withstood in hard times the storms in life. Now walk! The revival is the restoration of the simplicity of his love for you and his will in your life. You have been broken and put back together. Selah. So now stand. You have been shipwrecked but are on dry land, so now eat! Selah. This year 2012 will be a Selah and Aphaireo. But more than that, it will be another year that he has blessed you! God bless! more to share in the weeks to come!


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