Plantations… Are They Haunted?

szo0440 There are many historical locations in America that are saturated with evil entities. Many times on the Paranormal shows, the investigators visit many of the institutions that housed the weak, poor, mentally insane, and the deprived of our society. The older prisons across the country are the new hot beds for paranormal activities because of the sin, hatred, racism, murder, and violence that took place at those locations. Many of the early chain gangs in America were steeped with violence and unfair treatment. The plantations across America are not exceptions from demonic activities. The killing raping, and bondage of millions of enslaved has left a stain on America’s history.

There is a particular power called the “Curse of the South” that provokes the curses left by slaves upon their masters after many years of torture. Louisiana was one of the worst states for slavery. The Creole mixed Voodoo origins of religion there is still alive and powerful. The slaves on many southern plantations practiced Voodoo, Dark Arts, Witchcraft, and African Dogon and pagan religions. There are many accounts of activities on former plantation lands today. There was a book based upon the Slave Narratives compiled by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s that recorded the events of haunting, hags, Voodoo and magic by slaves that lived on the plantations. (Slave Ghost Stories: Tales of Hags, Hants, Ghosts, & Diamondback by Nancy Rhyne)

magnolia-lane-02The slaves at Magnolia Lane practiced voodoo, using their magic to place curses on the plantation owners. Today, many people are afraid to set foot on the property because it is still rumored to be cursed. Most of the buildings have mysterious black X marks painted on the walls. A man named Mr. Miller was the Overseer on the plantation during the Civil War. When troops came to burn down the plantation, Miller begged them to spare it. The troops shot and killed him in the front yard and buried him in front of the house. Ever since, people have heard ghostly footsteps, disembodied voices and unexplained shouts coming from Miller’s old bedroom. There is a room in the main plantation house that the family sealed off and everyone is forbidden to enter it. They call it “The Dying Room” because many of the Plantation family members died there under mysterious circumstances. It is rumored that their deaths were caused by the voodoo curses placed on them by the slaves. In front of Magnolia Lane Plantation house, there is a voodoo altar. Anyone who visits Magnolia Lane must leave an offering on the altar for the spirits to avoid a curse. Also out front of the plantation house, there is “The Hanging Tree” where slaves were tortured and killed in the olden days. Evil spirits are said to haunt the tree and it is dangerous to go near it.

Slavery was the worst atrocity that ever happened to America. The occurrence of the first slaves brought to America by the English is dated at 1619. The practice of slavery lasted until 1865. But the Jim Crow laws of 1876 still enslaved Africans here in America. The blood on America’s hands for the cruelty of slavery can only be redeemed by God. The careless attitude that slaves were less than human and deserved less than human treatment affected every life in America. The sins of rape, torture, incest, murder, and destruction was a path that laid the foundations for the evil that exists in America in all our communities. Thousands were killed in the Middle passage before arriving to America. Both the land down South and up North is drenched with the blood of slaves and Native Americans who were killed by the hands of the American system. It is no surprise that the demons that tormented the masters, slaves, and families are still roaming on American soil.

magnolia-lane-01 The practices of Voodoo and witchcraft from Africa can not be justified as just rich but harmless cultural practices. Voodoo comes from Africa and the Islands and is un-Christian. Alternately, there were many Africans who were Christians praying on the plantations. They converted to Christianity. Some slaves that came over to America already had Christian beliefs. Racism did not allow them to worship together in the churches with the white masters’ families. The practice among slaves of dressing up every Sunday for church came from this segregation. Many slave men would request to be placed and work on plantations down the road in order not to witness the rape and abuse of their families. Slave masters profited by this arrangement as they would hire out slaves to other masters for a fee. On Sundays, when allowed, slave families would gather at the main plantation to see their families. They met on the land or beneath trees to hear God’s word. There was constant prayer and cries out to God that broke the back of slavery in this country. It was the slaves’ hope in Jesus and in heaven that gave them strength to make it.

The history of murder, rape, incest, and torture can not be justified by so called “Christian” Masters and founding fathers of this nation who committed these crimes. Truth is truth. The entities that reside on plantations from the overspill of slavery are there because of the lack of acknowledgement and repentance from the brutality of slavery. These regional demons may have legal right to be there because of the continued attitude of slavery in America being considered a non-issue from the past with no need for repentance and restitution by the nation in the present.  The use of Voodoo, Magic and the Black Arts by Black people can not be justified by slavery either. No matter how horrible slavery is, evil can not correct evil. When America addresses the history of slavery, truly repents, and takes authority over it, then those territorial demons will no longer have a valid right to be there.

electamasonpresidentpostcard From the founding of this country there has been a mixture of beliefs. The holidays we celebrate come from pagan practices, European customs, and nostalgic cultural practices from around the world. This is one reason why America was called the melting pot. The early Americans killed and tricked the Indians into giving up their land. The first slaves were brought here in 1619. The evil of slavery took place while the founding fathers were signing the constitution. Christianity is not a dominating religion but a belief in salvation through Jesus Christ, following God’s word and Spirit, and loving your neighbor. It is amazing to me to see a historical picture of America created that leaves out the blood upon it and the sins of the nation.

The demonic activities that are occurring in this country do not come from all the people imported here, but also spring from home grown sin that was tolerated for hundreds of years in America, and is still tolerated. Over the land at 3 am you will experience that evil from coast to coast. No state is exempt. Many of the old houses that the paranormal shows investigate have stories behind them of shootings, killing, murder rape, bondage, and abominations that cause the constant unrest. As long as we live a lie that America’s hands are clean of any wrong doing to itself or others then the truth will be difficult to grasp. The pulling back of the covers on the reality of the sin across this country helps to understand the principalities, demons, powers, and wickedness that rule over the nation.

imagesprasieWe must lay our sins of hate at the cross. True unity is when we are willing to cry and struggles together fro the sake of the gospel. True unity is when we are nor divided by political parties or social agenda. We are unified by the blood of Jesus. We are his body. The body of Christ. Jesus is the head of the body. We are to walk and imitate Christ. At 3 AM we are to pray as Christ would have us to pray for each other. We are to love each other as Jesus loved us and gave us his life.

“ And we know and have believed the love which God hath in us. God is love; and he that abideth in love abideth in God, and God abideth in him. Herein is love made perfect with us, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as he is, even so are we in this world. There is no fear in love: but perfect love casteth out fear, because fear hath punishment; and he that feareth is not made perfect in love. We love, because he first loved us”. 1 John 4:16-19

We need to truly repent and not just wash feet. We need to pray for one another to come together as one. If you are up at 3 am so is Jesus and he is ready to answer your prayers, and to fellowship with you. You are not the only one up but you are who God is using in this dark house of the times. You are the light on the hill that can not be hidden. You are God’s light in darkness so shine like a star! Be used by God in prayer, in your life, and to make each day you live a day that glorifies him. Do not be afraid of whom or what you will face but know that in you is more than enough power to change the world around you through the name of Jesus! Wake up! It’s morning and God gave you a new day as you prayed through the night. The new day has just begun! Rejoice and glorify God in this new day! So who ever is up at 3 am. Thank you for praying us all through to the morning! You are not the only one up, but you are the one up with Power! Thank God for the morning and start praying with new faith and new hope for this day. Arise and shine for the light has come!

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