The Lena Baker Story

MV5BMjEwNTI4MTI0NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjAwMDAzMg@@__V1__SY317_CR2,0,214,317_ I ran across the movie on TV One last week. I really enjoyed the movie, but is so tragic. The many lives that have been damages by the racism  in America. Tichina Arnold best know as “Pam “ from  Martin Lawrence sitcom of the 90’s brought her  A game in the role. The movie was captivating and heart filled. The racism  that many black  women in America has experience is really captured in this film. A must watch!!!! I give it ***** stars!!!

A chronicle of the life of Lena Baker, the first woman to be sent to the electric chair in Georgia for the                              murder of her employer, who forced her into sexual slavery

Director: Ralph Wilcox    Writer: Ralph Wilcox Stars: Tichina Arnold, Dwayne Boyd and Chris Burns

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