3 AM : Why Am I Up? Waking up at 3

The Dead Hour: 3 AM

From our Book “Why Am I Up? 3 AM” on Amazon

DCO0079 The Dead Hour is the time that begins around midnight and also occurs around 3 am. The Paranormal TV Show and paranormal institutions all agree that this time period is the most intense time for manifestations of entities, EMPs, paranormal events, and haunting. It is believed that the demons that are manifesting at this time are revisiting the time that Jesus was arrested and crucified 2000 years ago. It is this 6 hour window from the time He was arrested at 3 am and crucified at 9 am that has provoked such disturbances during the night times. At 3 am there are more crimes, suicides, poisonings, deaths in hospitals, haunting, and torments.I am up at 3 am almost every night. If I go to bed at 10 pm I usually jolt up from my sleep at 3 am. It is a time for me to seek God then in prayer. Many of the paranormal events I have experienced have happened around this time. It is like a switch goes on and the demonic harassments or manifestations begin to start. I have talked to many people and researched this matter. Many people are getting up or experiencing something at 3 am.

“Some paranormal investigators believe that 3 AM  is the time when paranormal activity is at its peak. These select investigators feel that, in essence, it’s the most active time because one theory is that Jesus died at 3 pm, so the opposite is 3 am. They feel that this particular time, because of this very reason, tends to be the preferred time of spirit activity….There are other speculations about “Dead Time”. Some believe that 3 am is actually the devil’s hour. They also believe that 3 am is not the time when all spirits are more active, but rather when demons are active. Again, they believe that since Jesus died at 3 pm then 3 am is the polar opposite. Demons will do what they can to defy Christ and therefore being most active at the polar opposite 3 am is what they enjoy. Also, more specifically, 3:33 am is widely believed to be the “Witching Hour“. Supposedly, 3:33 am is the time when the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest, allowing the spirits to cross over easier. http://theparanormalsociety.blogspot.com/2008/03/3am-dead-time.html

Late_at_night_by_s3vendays (2)The 3 am time period is an intense time of spiritual warfare for those who are following Christ. In this book we look closely at the time when Christ was crucified, the religions, customs, history, and world events that are and have occurred during the 3 am morning hours. I have had more than my share of events that have taken place at 3 am which is why we wrote this book. I have awakened paralyzed and fighting unseen forces at 3 am. I have been provoked to prayer and angry when being disturbed by demons that have come to stop the work of God in our family’s lives.

Why Am I Paralyzed?

Ghosts&Klein_Seance_ghostsm  The original definition of sleep paralysis was codified by Dr Johnson in his A Dictionary of the English Language as “nightmare,” a term that evolved into our modern definition. Such sleep paralysis was widely considered to be the work of demons and more specifically incubi, which were thought to sit on the chests of sleepers. In Old English the name for these beings was mare or mære (from a proto-Germanic marōn, cf. Old Norse mara), hence comes the mare part in nightmare. The word might be etymologically cognate to Hellenic Marōn (in the Odyssey) and Sanskrit Māra. Folk belief in Newfoundland, South Carolina and Georgia describe the negative figure of the Hag who leaves her physical body at night, and sits on the chest of her victim. The victim usually wakes with a feeling of terror, has difficulty breathing because of a perceived heavy invisible weight on his or her chest, and is unable to move i.e., experiences sleep paralysis. This nightmare experience is described as being “hag-ridden” in the Gullah lore. The “Old Hag” was a nightmare spirit in British and also Anglophone North American folklore. In Nigeria, “ISP appears to be far more common and recurrent among people of African descent than among whites or Nigerian Africans”, and is often referred to within African communities as “the Devil on your back.”Various forms of magic and spiritual possession were also advanced as causes. http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/ghoststories/

There are several medical reasons for waking up with sleep paralysis during the night: stress, eating late, disease, narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnologic hallucinations. I don’t rule out any of these as possibilities for why anyone is experiencing this phenomenon. However waking up from sleep paralyzed at 3 am could be a sign of demonic activities that are not related to a medical occurrence. Because I am not a doctor I cannot provide any insight into the matter based on your own personal health. I can only give you my insights from a spiritual perspective. It is your judgment call if you feel like you need to seek medical help for this occurrence.

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, Nor for the arrow that flieth by day; for the pestilence that walketh in darkness, Nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; But it shall not come nigh thee. Psalm 91:5-7

k3258549Ever since I was a teenager I have experienced it. Over the years it has lessened in my life. I have learned to pray against and war against it when it happens to me or my husband. When I have experienced sleep paralysis I have been attacked, tormented, and even tackled. I am wide awake when this happens and unable to move. I have heard noises, sounds, and have seen dark spirits, black birds and other entities manifest. I am awake when it happens. You get this sensation of feeling really drowsy and tired. And you know that if you go back to sleep it will only get worse. The room is very clear and you know that you are not asleep. You know that if you can move just one part of your body or scream that you can break the spirit that is holding you down. Fear can also paralyze you. It is a spirit and also an over whelming grip. God did not give us a spirit of fear. Bind it and rebuke it in Jesus name!

I have talked to so many Christians who go though this and have no idea how to deal with it. There are two solutions I have found that work every time I am paralyzed. Call upon the name of Jesus. If you are not able to talk then just say it in your mind “Jesus help me!” As a Christian we also have the power to rebuke it and bind it. Whether or not it is a medical problem you are having it is not normal nor of God. You have nothing to lose by rebuking and calling upon his name for help. Jesus came for us to have healing in our bodies so if it is medical he can help you still. If it is demonic and you are being tormented by spirits you still have power over it based upon his power. This does not happen as often as it used to because I have learned to pray, bind it, cry out, and fight with the weapons of warfare we have in Christ! Pray for the Lord to make you sleep peacefully and restful in Jesus’ name!

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Why Am I Up? 3 AM

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7 thoughts on “3 AM : Why Am I Up? Waking up at 3

  1. I am not sure how I even found this article but I think it helped me understand what’s going on. I’ve been waking up off and on at 3am my whole life but it got worse when I came down with depression when I was 13 almost five years ago. I am very sensitive, an empath and psychic via dreams and I have been waking up at 3:13 am, and 3:33 am again a lot lately and it’s almost like someone is talking to me in my mind and it wakes me up in my sleep because it’s in the form of thought but it’s some other being.. it’s very nagging and hard to ignore so I usually end up waking up and staying up until 4 and then going back to sleep .


    • your not the only one i do the same thing and im tired of it i had to type in why do i wake up at 3:13am or 3:33am
      but when i wake up i get up and pray to lord Christ. and i stay up to 4am or 5pm. i watch shepherd chapel that’s a ministry that teaches you the whole bible word for word i be up at the time so why not toon into i fall back to sleep. but i be feeling the same way like something demonic spirit is trying something


    • I am glad I share a room with my brother cause today and yesterday I woke up at 3:08 am and then a lot of cold wind just passed by the window a lot of times and I sware I really sware I heard the Satan laugh I was crying telling my brother to come on my bed and stay and then when I looked out the window I seen 3 girls and 1 person with a bat and also a small portal and I heard police sirens.


  2. But is usually gets worse when I pray and I am having some issues with Christ. All of these are true for me. Please help! They are really scary and are telling me some weird stuff. Please help.


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