Rare Favorite Videos Vol 1….Thank Youtube!

One of my favorite things is to find  strange, rare, and unique videos on the internet. There are too many to list them all. Here are a few  of my favorites and some throw back for you to watch. Who knew Michael and Eddie made a video? Really? Enjoy

Grew up on Sesame Street. I owned every puppet!

We watched Saturday morning cartoon after we did our chores….


Solid Gold! I met Darcel Leonard the lead  dancer in 1989. She flew in and performed with us  for our Prison Ministry!





Boney M….. it will take two videos to really  get what he was doing?


I grew up watching Super Chicken…… Thank God for the invention of cable!





Below: Racist right? What where they thinking? I think trying to add black culture to cartoon using well know black celebrities while crossing some lines. Judge for yourself.  Cartoon and Our Gang


Great dance routine!

Jim Kelly…. One of my favorite movies “Three the Hard Way

Soulllllllllllllll Train!



My favorite show and movies  from the past…



Yup.. Grew up watching Richard Pryor




I grew  up watching Sid Caesar Show. I met Imogene Coco in 1980 while in college  ushering her Broadway Play “Making Whoopie”. before  she passed away. It was a brief “hello” but I was  floored to meet her!

Best Mime ever!


Watch the whole thing to laugh!

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