I Love a Good Latte


On the weekends we spend our time writing and painting. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee while writing our life stories. In between occasional moments of writer’s block it is good to sip a  good cup of coffee. This last weekend we experimented with a Brew Station we bought on Amazon. It is our first baby steps towards buying an all out  Cappuccinolatte– coffee- “oh my God that tastes  good” machine. They can run into the 100’s of dollars.

00000124822-HamiltonBeach6cupBrewStation48274-large The little brew station does its job in making each cup of coffee taste divine. I even ordered one of my own cups for this weekend to sip out of. Our cabinet is full of superhero cups. Drinking out of Wonder Woman makes me feel like I could write for days! SAM_2749

We were watching Wendy Williams and fell in love with  her big blue Wonder Woman cups.  My husband has several Superman cups he uses. No matter what cup we sip coffee from… it’s still a great cup of coffee with our  new brew station! I came across some great video that really shows  the Latte Arts. These videos  really capture the texture and serenity of a great cup of coffee.  Latte Art is an Art form across the world! Time to go write…and sip! Enjoy!

Janie & Ramon McGee
Double Latte Books

Janie McGee Studio
Fine art, prints, and design


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