Look Him In The Eyes

Look Him In The Eyes!

I notice many years ago among some of my single Christian friends that they stopped using eye contact  with men. They had desire to be married and was trusting God for a mate. However when they walked in the church and saw the brothers they kept their eye to the front and gave just a quick glance. I am sure this is  appropriate in many way because church is a place for seeking God and honoring who he is. Outside of church I saw that same response to the brothers

After a women get saved and come to Christ its seem that the fear of falling off the wagon cause them sometimes to lose the tool that  it takes  to attract  a man. Old things  are passed away and we are a new creation through Christ. That does not mean we lose  the ability to love and attract the opposite sex. It is purified not denied.  I have seen so  many Christian women hide their sexuality from  the world to show they are Holy. But  some women  secretly  are freaks in the bedroom. The same goes for the brothers. Dating and flirting the right way has to be relearn but it is apart of the process of getting married. Your thinking about sexuality has to be taken to the cross and relearn.

Animals mate and so do humans. Sex outside marriage is fornication in  God’s law. It not up for  suggestion. He has given human the ability to mate without sex  or the fear of sex to see if there is a chemistry. The eyes are a key to that principle.

It is good to believe that God is going to send  you someone one special. I believe he answers the prayers of the heart.  However you have to show your self available  to the opposite sex and not sacred. The vibrant beautiful personality that once ruled the smile and eyes  get lost in the scared unsure approached to how to get a man’s attention. Some things never change. Eye contact is a universal rule. The eyes are the  window to the soul. When you looks a man in the eyes you can see the soul of man. You can tell if there is chemistry  between the two of you.

The eyes speak to the heart of  women when she gazes into a man eyes. It  is

one sure quick way to see if there  is a connection. Have you ever looked man in  the eyes and feel that deep connection of harmony? It is in the eyes that heart can also capture a man’s heart. Yes the eyes are dangerous  too, but the principle is necessary in finding  that right man.

Flirting can be intense  at time but it is part of the banter that goes forth between a man and women. There is difference between flirting  and sexual rudeness or lust. Flirting is an art form when it is done the  right way. Flirting is the tool of seeing if someone is interest in getting to know you. Flirting is not busting  out your chest, rubbing a man leg, or sitting on his lap. That’s another article for another day. That just Hooch ‘in! Flirting with your eyes  is an  conversation to see if a man is interested in getting to know you . Reciprocate  a flirt with interests  if you feel that same way. Otherwise  you  can shut it down. Body language  and communication  is going on all the time around women and men . The key is picking up on it and responding  to it with interests. Ignoring it does not  make it go  away. Ignore actually make you look harden. Then there is the other issue of  sexual harassment. That’s is just wrong. That should not be not in the process of dating. That should be stopped and dealt with immediately.

The best  way to start the process of dating is by making eye contact, being open to the flirting  ritual, and watching the exchange of communication between you and the man. You will  know within seconds if he is the one. Trust …you will know. This whole process can last 5 minutes and you will know if this is the one. That the great thing about speed dating  if you try it . It will help you to test out your connection with men and explore  what you really are looking for.

Use your eyes. Don’t just walk in  public  with your head  hanging down. Look up and  see what’s around. There is a man that will see your eyes and then really see you. Love at first sight can happen.  Look him in the eye  and see what can happen if he is what you want.  You are worthy, you are  beautiful and love is on the way!

Lord I Go To Church, But I Can’t Find A Man.

Janie McGee

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