Gotta Deal with a Mountain, Maybe Move it!


A few months ago we relocated back to the east coast from Colorado. It has been a good adjustment, but hard at times. I miss seeing the mountains every day. The mountain sits west of Denver. You can figure out where you are in the city by just finding the mountains. We lived at a higher elevation, so it has taken a few months to adjust to sea level. I was thinking about a scripture that morning that reminded me of the things I learned from living out west near the mountains.

“But those who trust in the LORD for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak. “Isaiah 40:31

This scripture is about how God strengthen us to point we did not give up in lifeimagesmounatin on our journey. It says for those who trust in the Lord they will raise on wing of an eagle, they will run and not get weary, and they will walk and no grow weak. I know your thinking what has that have to do with mountains?  Every day in Colorado when I went outside to walk I saw the mountains. The tallest mountain in Colorado is over 14,428 feet.  The mountains are snow-covered all year-long. The lower level of Colorado is prairie and desert. We had 360 days of sunshine. It only snows a lot in March and April. It melts quickly because of the sunshine.  The mountains are overwhelming and beautiful to look at.  The problems we face in life are mountain some time. They are overwhelming and hard. Every day living in Colorado, when I was faced with trials, I was encouraged in my faith that I can rise above whatever I was dealing with in life. The bible says we can speak to a those mountains in life and they will move. We can rise up, run, and walk to victory. During some of the hardest day I have had to face recently, I am reminded of the mountains.

You only have a few choices to deal with mountains in your life. You can climb over them or you can walk around them. When God builds a tunnel, you can through them. What I mean is that don’t stand still and stare at the problems you are faced with in life. Persevere to the other side. You can stand there all day, but your problems will not change. You have to speak to that mountain, pray through that mountain, and be determined to get through the other side. God loves you. He will get you to the other side. He will do it just for you!

x12258215 One of the greatest things God taught by reading his word is that you are going to go through things in life….. So go through. Standing still will not get you to the other side. Run, walk, crawl, and dance your way to the other side one problem at a time. There is an answer for everything we face in life. The key is finding the answer that works. I have a simpler approach to dealing with problem that has helped me deal with mountains.  Take for example a lid stuck on a jar. You have tied to get it off and it won’t budge. My motto is “if it was put on, then it can come off”. Whatever you are facing can be reversed, healed, or changed for the better. You have to believe in what is in you that God gave to you through gift and in Jesus to make it through.

Every year there are deaths on the mountain in Mt Everest. Many people perish on the mountain. They are climbing it”just because”. There is not a problem you are having in your life you are having” just because you can”. You are faced with real challenges that you have to deal with. God never put more on you than you can bear. He gives you grace. It can be worst than it is. One awesome thing I love about being a Christian is that in my own faith I believe God is in the “repeat business”. Whatever he is going to do for you, he has done for someone else in the world. I came to this conclusion watching how we as human consistently repeat the same mistake. In our family lines we all do what an aunt or uncle did that didn’t work. God brought them through and he will bring you through.

537029003_e0a2141bf5I miss seeing the mountain everyday. On the east coast I am faced with new mountains. My father who went home with the Lord a few months ago followed my mother who went to heaven a few years ago.  It has been hard, but I am climbing the mountain with determination to get through it. For many people my age (40 something) there is not a whole lot of talking about what this stage in life looks like. It is quiet on the western and eastern front. So much of being in my 40’s has been figuring it out with my husband, family, and much prayer. I know I am not the only one facing parents dying, sickness, dreams deferred, new vision, grown kids, and adjusting to life at different stage. I have friend who are going through menopause without any female help. Just hot flashes, cold flashes, and allot of ice cream in between. We are facing new mountains we gotta deal with, but we can move it, climb it, or walk around it.  Either way…… the mountain will be conquered.

800px-Great_Sand_Dunes_NP_1 I have learned after each mountain I face, over the next horizon there is another mountain. There is a horizon we must reach at the end. Keep pressing forward. Many years ago on Colorado we went to the sand dune in the southern part of the state. Over 12,000 years ago sand blew up from Mexico landing at the foot of the mountain. It was never able to blow over it. It takes about 3-5 hours to reach the highest sand dune. It is about 750 feet. It is pure white sand next to a 14,000 mountain. The first dunes you climb up you have to head down to the next dune once you reach the ledge. I climbed up the next dune and then headed down to climb up the next dune. This went on for hours. Before you know it you have reach the highest dune. You can see 50 miles of white sand across the landscape nest to the mountain above your head. It is an amazing view. It is worth the climb. The problems in your life are worth the climb. The view is awesome on the other side. I thought about how life is climbing the next dune to the next horizon, to the next horizon until we get to the highest peak we desire. It is coming down the wrong way off the dune that wears you out!

Whatever your mountain is today determine in your heart to get through it,imagesCA33J0BN move it, or around it. Every mountain needs a strategy. You can climb Mount Kilimanjaro like you would climb Mount Everest. Ever problem in your life has its own terrain. Every problem in your life has away it has to be climb. Find the best route, not the quickest. The best route means you are sure to succeed. Take some time to think through what you are facing, instead of reacting. For many people we are on survival mode. Just reacting to problem without thinking through every angle of it makes the problem go on longer that it should. It has a timetable of its own, but don’t add to it. Be an expert mountain climber in your life. Secure your faith to God. Dress for the right season (emotions in check). Allow some slack in your rope (making mistake). Keep your eye on the top or the desire view on the other side (victory).

220px-Great_Sand_Dunes_National_Park_view_from_high_dune I asked God once, why is it so lonely looking on the top of mountain? Nothing grows there. It is quiet and tranquil. It is at the top of your mountain that it may be just you and God. Jesus is faithful in helping you climb. He has climbed mountain. Read it in the bible. He understands. It is your time alone to work it out. Those who can help you are base camp. This is your journey. Take it, make it happen, and don’t give up. It is preparation for the next mountain you will face when you get to the other side! I love looking at mountain and I have learned to understand the journey it takes to get through the mountain. You are blessed! So blessed to climb another day! I hope to encourage you that If can make it… I know you can. Take each mountain in your life one by one and press to the other side to a new horizon!

“But those who trust in the LORD for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak. “Isaiah 40:31


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