The Brokenness in The Storm

Before the Rains Comes.Rain, Rain Go away, come again

Some Other Day….

As a child I can remember screaming at the sky” Rain, Rain go away come again some other day” at the stop of my lung. It had seemed like the second I had got involved in the best play time the summer could offer it would rain. My sister and I would speak to the rain and hopes that it would listen to our request removing the rain from our street. And it seems as if it would only rain harder.  Coming from the Midwest “rain” is not just a weather condition, but an all out news event. The simplest rainstorm could turn quickly into a Thunderstorm or Tornado.  As soon as we accepted the rain’s blundering outpour we began to predict and debate the worst that could happen. Our minds would move from total frustration to complete emplacement of what was to come. Rain has this way of slowing down the world. Our conversation in the house and playtime would evolve from the rain to games and stories as we waiting for the sun to come back out. Before the rain would come life had the appearance of being joyous and complete. God knew the rain where coming. God had seen and created rain.


The Lord has put the seasons in our lives for us to grow. The human condition requires us to learn to switch from sunny days to thunderstorm as quick as the raindrops. God understands the frailty of our human heart to grasp the changes laid before us. We must learn to quickly see the sign and prepare our heart for the storms in life.  You cannot “drive” around a rainstorm you must go through or endure. The Bible teaches the race is for the endurance not the quick. The endurance for the life’s test can be hard, but the beauty of the work in each one of us is priceless. The brokenness we experience through our storm build.

Many things in the process of being broken will cause us to run to pray. In the definition of broken is means “something that is need of being put together that was once whole, but maybe not have been sturdy.” As an artist, I have created pottery that has air bubbles in the clay. Air in clay makes the pottery unstable. It may appear whole, but the minute it is fired in a kiln (life), it will break. When we come to Christ, we have air (the world) in us. We have pain, troubles, hurts, and tribulations that we have tried to solve ourselves. We are broken. Jesus puts us back to together. Jesus promises us wholeness and delivers as we grow and mature in him. The fires the test us before, continue to test us, but we have a living Savior. In the process of creating pottery is has to be fires to make it whole without air. Fire is also the fire of the Holy Spirit. There is a place in prayer we can experience that fire! Fire can consume fire!

Therefore, brokenness is not a necessity in the Christian walk, but it is a dynamic in life that we all must deal with. The up and down of life can break your spirit. The longer we walk with Jesus the more we learn to endure the fire. It is mystery that God uses to makes us more him. It is a process that is natural that turns supernatural. The beauty of brokenness is that you do not have to plan it, it will happen, but God will turn into his glory. How we get through it becomes our testimony unto the Lord and new character that is formed in us through the process. Being broken is a life process. It is not God’s desire to destroy you, but mold you.

Jesus is always there for us when we are tested in our faith. Temptation comes from Satan. In our faith, we are tested to stand on what we believe. It makes us stronger as believers. We go through brokenness we are tempted and tested. It is important to stand on your faith and pass the test. Whenever temptation appears, know that that God does not tempt you to sin. Being tested mean standing on what Jesus has place sin you by his spirit. Truly, God will never put more on you that you can bare. He is faithful in giving us what we need to pass the test of faith we endure. He is merciful in making sure we have his word to stand on. Many of the tests we endure really fall back on one simple principle … just believe. As believers, it is our mandate from God to believe. The tests we face require us to stand on our faith and just believe. As we believe, we have testimony of Jesus love for us that we can sure. We testify about how we believe and he brought us through. We testify of how of God moved on our behalf through the trials of brokenness. We testify that Jesus truly was Lord over our lives when we were faces with a trial. It is our faith in him to deliver that strengthens our testimony. It just takes is a little faith for God to move. We overcome the word by standing on our faith as believers, no matter what we are faced with. We are tested, but not tempted by God. He loves us. He desires to mature us for his kingdom. He desire for us to have a good life. His grace gets us through it. He makes us whole through his word, his spirit his name, his power, and his faith. He brings us to a place of being fully equipped for all the trials we have in this life.

“And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Revelations 12:1-11 KJV

poppy monroe The brokenness  builds Christ in us as we endure.  Jesus came for us to have life everlasting. He didn’t say we wouldn’t go through, but he said he’s been there for us. Jesus paid the price for us to have him with is in the storm of life.  He was broken on the cross but rose again. He is our example of how to endure and walk with God. As we walk with him he walks us through and delivers us. Because the world is still filed with the Satan our battle and journey is in Christ and him alone. The first step to preparation before the storm is to  know Jesus as Lord. If you have not accepted him in your life, this is your day. Just repeat the Prayer for salvation and let the Lord walks you through this life.  Walking it alone is hard. Beside he loves you and wants to help you through this life. He is preparing a greater place for you in heaven. This too shall pass away. If you are backslidden and need him to come back into your life pray the Prayer for the backslidden and get back with him greater than what you had before. I hope he gives you strength to see the storm and the sunny days ahead. God loves you and want to help you. The work Jesus did on the cross is real. He is real, the bible is true, and His spirit is real. Walking without Christ is like being the storm without an umbrella… going to rain,but more sure you are covered!

A homeless man singing the song……


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